Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All The News That's Print To Fit: Holocaust Vs. Holodomor At The New York Times

Twenty-three versus sixty-four thousand? Seriously?  



Ryu said...

Yeah, it's a funny thing. One doesn't see "The Holohoax, as the Jew calls it..." Just goes to show how entrenched the holocaust religion is. Thanks, Artie.

Maxwell said...

Good comment from Irish Savant :

The obvious objective of the nation-destroyers has been to create a new "Western culture" in which:

1) The males are emasculated / sissified,

2) The women are whores, sluts and or gold-diggers,

3) The children are drugged, jaded robots of consumption who are taught to identify with the enrichers invading our territory and debasing our culture, rather than with their own parents, ancestors and nation.

This last and most insidious aspect of Judea's plan for us has historically been accomplished via the marketing concepts of "hipness," "coolness," and other types of Amerikan materialist, CONFORMIST "youth oriented" ideology.

These meaningless concepts are intended to prolong adolescence and the attendant "rebellion" that supposedly characterizes this stage of development in the mass mind. This rebellion is then directed by the parasite against OUR own nations and our OWN traditions, and not the occupying foreign parasite himself, who insidiously inculcates his leaden, lifeless brand of pseudo-individuality into the pliable minds of these little robots.

Amerika has played a huge role in the spreading of this spiritual disease among Whites worldwide. Its inner amorphousness, combined with its military and economic dominance, has made it the perfect vehicle for the spread of the "culture" of primitive jungle music, junk food, negroid enthronement, prolonged adolescence, endless debt, virtual reality, sexual debauchery, nihilism, "substance" abuse, betrayal of our ancestors and, last but not least, studied stupidity.

Amerika's fall to the Jews has been a complete and unmitigated disaster for the West, the Occident, die Abendländer or whatever we choose to call our collective West European, Germano-Roman-Celtic body politic. (It has also been a disaster for Amerika itself, but that is another story).

It's good that, socially, culturally, economically (and soon militarily?), Great Russia is resisting this pathology, but that is due primarily to ONE man -- Putin -- and his primary concern is naturally for his OWN country. Expecting other Whites to pick up the pieces for us or somehow "save us" is futile, feminine, magical thinking. Russia can certainly HELP, because it is in its interest to do so, but we must do the primary work ourselves.

As the Irish Savant states, Western Europe can be saved only by West Europeans. The first and most important stage of that resurgence is an INNER, spiritual one, and it must involve the breaking of all links with the construct (created by Hollywood and the Frankfurt School Hebrews) called the "inner Amerikan," an obese cultural MULATTO in perpetual state of ennui, who is concerned only with his fake "individualism" and hedonism, and NOT with the great impersonal goal of assuring the CONTINUITY and GREATNESS of his own tribe or nation. Why should such a goal be considered praiseworthy when pursued by the circumcised, inbred descendants of marauding, Levantine, Bronze Age desert nomads, but not us?

The best elements in Amerika too can (and should) break with the Hebrew construct of the "inner Amerikan." It's the only way to begin the centuries-long process of establishing an organic Amerikan NATION with a high culture of its own. I too am a natural born Amerikan, but unlike many in this benighted, Hebrew-dominated country, I have never allowed the platitudes of the state religion, and those who have HIJACKED it, to stop me from THINKING.