Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scheduled To Perform In Paris on Bastille Day, Madonna Is Being Sued For Defamation By Marine Le Pen

Do yourself a favor and mute the sound before viewing. The relevant MLP bits come up at 1:34. 


Anonymous said...

What a disgusting whore that Madonna. She spews leftist "bien-pensance" unthinking politically safe bullshit.

I am so sick of the Jon Stewards and Madonnas of this world, with their adopted negro pets, getting all political and sheet.

Maxwell said...

Jesus Christ ! you';re right ! What a stupid, disgusting whore that old resuscitated corpse, Madonna, with her lame-ass attempts to politicize her concerts.

Note the RIP posters of the dead bullied faggots at the end.

Somebody needs to show this stupid african-baby-wielding english-accent-talking cunt the Color Of Crime, if she thinks faggots getting bashed is really a big deal.

Fuck !

M.G. said...

I know you do the NYT and not the BBC, Artur, but I thought this deserved honorable mention: An entire article about the latest attack on Jewish schoolkids in Villeurbanne, France, without once mentioning the ethnic origin of the aggressors. As if there were white French just wandering about beating Jews with hammers. Le Figaro, to its shame, also keeps mum, but the commenters are happy to fill us in, as well as to wonder at the fact that Arab-on-gentile attacks, everyday fare in France at this point, never seem to produce the screaming front-page headlines this type of story does. Curious. Or as one gentleman put it, 'Sans vouloir minimiser plus que de besoin, c'est beaucoup de bruit pour moins de 5 jours d'ITT...'

Those Who Can See

Gem Junior said...

She is really pushing it this time - one was even of the Pope around 1:40s. She has no shame. And will spend eternity in hell for her troubles here on earth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and now this old broad shows her tit like who wants to see an old grandma's tit or ass for that matter. Sheeeessh. This old bat madonna is nuts.