Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Weasel News Manipulators At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Distort The Truth About Marine Le Pen's Popularity In France, AGAIN

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Nothing gets the goatees of the verminous diversity-enforcing reality reversers at Amerika's Newspaper Of Record like a superbly-gifted orator from an anti-agenda European politician who successfully and effortlessly voices the grievances of the modern dispossessed majority like Marine LePen.

The New York Times hates, completely and absolutely despises Marine Le Pen (MLP), and for good reason: she is a phenomenal and - hélas - unstoppable force for good, in the war to counter the out-of-control One Worlder population-replacement Agenda that is plaguing France and all of Europe.

Marine just scored a record high in the French presidential elections - 6.4 million Frenchies cast their ballot for her. That is a serious score, almost twice voter-wise what her father Jean Marie garnered in the 2002 election against Chirac that saw some of the biggest street protests in French history. (I was there, it was lame).

I understand that this blog has a mostly English-speaking readership, but the amazing thing about MLP, is that by far and away she was the most forceful speaker in all the debates and media appearances leading up to the May elections. Her message is so incredibly on-point, and her oratory is so flawless, that she made the other contesters look like absolute fools.  She is sincere, smart, and Right.

Anyway, the New York Times of course at every turn tries to play down or explain away her significance.

In this piece, entitled "French Face A Battle To Control Parliament" and published on page A14 of today's national edition, the spineless little weasels at the Times try to make it appear like MLP is not a serious contender, but instead on equal heading with the shit-talking far-leftist ("France can not exist without the Arabs and Berbers from North Africa") media darling Jean-Luc Mélenchon :

The New York Times: When They're Not Fucking Up The News Over Here, They're Doing It Over There, Since 1931.


http://sportsfunia.com said...

nice written

reveal1914 said...

"France has no future without Arabs ect" And the journalists present just reported this utterly absurd and ridiculous statement as a matter of fact. What a vile profession.

M.G. said...

Mélenchon is loathesome. The 'objective' French media pushed this guy unbelievably hard, he was the second coming, he was going to crush MLP, etc, etc. None of it came even remotely true.

A little tract of him done up as Hitler has been making the rounds, here the guy who created it wrote into francois desouche to explain his motivations.

It will be a pleasure to watch him and his band of merry commies get stomped on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Madonna did a show in nazi land..I mean Israel...she put a pic of Ms LePenne onstage, with a faux swastika superimposed....
[as a real swa is probably illegal in nazi land]
read about it at Takimag.....cheers

Anonymous said...

superb blog