Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The New York Times Drops Their Trousers To Enable Pseudo-Intellectual Organized Blackness To Better Penetrate Their Smug, Progressive Derrières

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When the reality-reversing diversity-enforcing psychopaths at Amerika's newspaper of record are not defending black murderers or attacking the Catholic Church or promoting gay marriage or advocating for the Great Erasure or attempting to prove their anti-racist bona fides by providing a platform for minority plagiarists, their attempts to buff the halo of moral superiority atop their pointy heads are never-ending in virtually every other field of publishing endeavour. As we have seen. Ad nauseum.

After solidly standing behind and pushing the "Justice for Trayvon" meme despite the growing evidence that suggests the folly of such a position, and the way it is irresponsibly and self-interestedlingingly incites a war of race rage that is fueled by the outright lies of the mainstreet media in the USA, the eunuchs of Forty Second Street continue to stand firm behind their lamentable and suicidal ethos of: majority = bad; minority = good.

In an appallingly irreverent in its irrelevance and afrophiliac propaganda puff piece published today in the Sunday Times' Book Review entitled "Race, the Remix The Grey Album by Kevin Young," the verminous journalos of Forty-Second Street subsidize publication of a review of a  big-word blah-blah "Whitey bad" afro-centrist screed, staining in the process the most expensive real estate in the book review publishing world with a self-serving spew of invective that in a sane society would be reserved to the Personals section of High Times Magazine.

The four-eyed freakazoids at the Grey Lady probably know that people are going to read crap like this and go: "Huh?"; but their absolute need to pedestalize Organized Blackness is stronger than their own commitment to the greater societal good and their own good sense;  and their prerogative for publishing the finest literary review in modern times, something they abdicated from a long time ago, in favor of their pursuit of Cultural Morality Athlete fame.

From the review :

Wow. The New York Times morality athletes and the "everybody is exactly equal" One Worlders that they are, are so committed to promoting Organized Blackness that they actually publish gobbly-gook big-word nonsense such as this, which in the end hurts the African American cause more than it helps it. 

For a better understanding of how out-of-control feel-good head-in-the-sand egalitarianist doctrine results in disastrous public policy which does zero good for the many, and only a little good for the elite few who spew it, I refer you to this excellent article on why the Eurozone - based on hard-core egalitarian notions in the first pace - is dragging all of Europe down the utopian memory hole : 

"Building A Better Currency Union"  (H/T M.G., from the illustrious "Thosewhocansee dot calm). 


The New York Times: Hasn't Touched Reality With A Ten Foot Pole Since January 2011. 


Anonymous said...

Zee Zog New York Times : Holier Than Thou, Better Than Thou, More Moral Than Yee, Fuck You Gentile Scum

Maxwell said...

The New York Times has a history of publishing the pseudo-intellectual works of the likes of what's-her-name Amaya Mamadou, the famous great black "poet".

What the Jews at the Ties will never acknowlege, is the discredited works of Stephen J. Gould, as this bog has repeatedly referred to.

There is no such thing as "equality" : white Europeans created the worls as we know it, from asphalt to electricity to the sail fone to the very names of the days of the week FFS !

A handful of hated dead white males are responsible for the modern world as we know it. End of story.

Blacks in Africa and in the rest if the world where thet have been imported into are a net drain on progressive society. IT"S NOT THEIR FAULT.

But FFS, like Asian Carp, they have a whole lot of blame that needs to be assigned to them.


M.G. said...

Bonjour Artur,

Thank you kindly for the linkage. Some tidbits gleaned from Le Figaro this morning:

-Among 18- to 24-year-olds, Le Pen got 23% of the vote (five per cent higher than her global score). 26% voted Sarkozy. (!) Being intimately acquainted with this demographic and their endless Marxist squalling, I was surprised. And encouraged.
-Melenchon the Commie predicted a 'red tidal wave' and that he'd decimate MLP. Egg on face.
-Le Pen's success was qualified by Angela Merkel as 'worrying', by EU president Barroso as 'giving in to populism', by Der Spiegel as an 'unhappy surprise', and by Corriere della Sera as 'confirming France's malaise.'

You can be sure your favorite French candidate a jeté un pavé dans la mare. Be encouraged!

Those Who Can See

Anonymous said...

809 profile views as of tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Zee Zog New York Times : Holier Than Thou, Better Than Thou, More Moral Than Yee, Fuck You Gentile Scum