Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some Thoughts On George Zimmerman, His Arrest On 2nd Degree Murder Charges, and The Whole Trayvon-O-Mania Madness

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How many of you have considered this :

The whole Trayvon vs. Zimmerman fiasco has deliciously devolved into a fascinating post-OJ indictment of the "Post-Racialism" promised in 2008 by Barack Obama (who btw is possibly the greatest hoax ever visited upon the Western World).

Here's what is interesting: consider the ways in which the opposing sides in the Trayvon Hoax are fortifying / solidifying their own moral positonments :

Here's what I mean: anyone who has been following Trayvon-O-Mania with any attentiveness, or should I say obsessiveness (as I have), have probably spent beaucoup hours (as I have) gobbling up any and all information available on the case online.

But: you can be sure that those who support Zimmerman's condemnation (for example) have been spending more time on The Root.com or Newsone.com (news for black America) than they have on Drudge, or Occidental Dissent, or this site.

So the question is: how much is "observer bias" responsible for these increasingly entrenched views on the Trayvon Hoax?

Think about it: those who are convinced that Trayvon was a victim of a greater anti-minority conspiracy - as in: Da Man keeping down the poor disenfranchised oppressed minority that Trayvon (huh?) was a benighted member of - are more likely to obsessively log on to The Root.com to get their news about the case.

Conversely, those of us who are convinced (um, know?) that Trayvon's inner chimp came out violently  when he was confronted by concerned-for-his-gated-community George Zimmerman, the hybrid progeny of diversity-for-white-nations-homogeneity-for-Israel-Zionist Bob Dylan (aka George Zimmerman père, Robert Zimmerman), have more likely been getting all of our information from Drudge or other HBD-reality slanted sites.

So the question I suppose is: how much is observer bias responsible for the elective ideological clamp-downs in the respective Trayvon vs Zimmerman camps in this affair?


Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman is a brave man. He loves living, that's why Martin is dead. I thank George Zimmerman for standing his ground. He's stood his ground twice now, once when Martin tried to beat Zimmerman's head into the ground and now by not running but turning himself in to be arrested. Zimmerman is not guilty of any crime. He defended himself from being murdered by Martin. He has stood his ground again and turned himself in to the law. He knows he has committed no crime and he's willing to get his justice. He seeks justice and all of America should seek justice for George Zimmerman also. If anyone does't believe that hands and feet can kill that person is living in la la land.

They came for Zimmerman, then they came for your guns, then they will be coming for you.

Lantern said...

This is a mad, mad, mad witch hunt. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the shooting - it was NEVER a race issue. The media pigs are responsible for making it into one to sell their poxy newspapers and whip the blacks up into a frenzy. Boy, could you imagine a world without the mainstream media?