Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Post-Occidental Insanity On Steroids: The New York Times Actually Pedestalizes Trayvons Like This

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"Maimed On A Subway Platform, Now Panhandling On The Trains," by Times communist and diversity fanatic Michael Wilson, was published on page A16 of the "New York" section of today's national edition, under a rubrik the Times calls "Crime Scene."

In a sane society, the truth about a dangerous, indolent, low-IQ, criminal welfare parasite like the one featured in this article would be described by a nation's newspaper of record with a degree of honesty that would have redeeming value for society at large : namely as a net drain on the community, the type of individual whose very existence should be discouraged for the greater common good.

Instead, in a pitiful fit of status posturing, the New York Times lionizes such creatures to prove their anti-racist bona fides. How does such posturing benefit anyone except the Times' own self-important sense of moral superiority?

Answer: it doesn't.

What this means is that the elitist weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record are fully committed to buffing the halo (that they think shines) atop their pointy heads, at the expense of subway-riding non-New York Times elites everywhere.

From the article :

Of course, the ravaging reality reversers of 42nd Street disguise the utterly sinister reality of this creature's existence in a too-cool-for-you layer of snide smugness, as though if you can't handle the ideal of a violent ex-con crack hustler harassing people on the subway for change, then, well, you just can't belong to the Times' club.

And it gets worse:

The Times is really rubbing it in your face here, almost like they're daring you to be outraged, and prove that you are not as cool as they are, and that their tolerance is better than your tolerance.

But here's the home-run:

So yeah, white boy. Go ahead. We dare you to be outraged.

NYT Hero Cory Mason

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rjp said...

He makes an average of lets say $1000 a week panhandling, they get foodstamps and welfare ... she sometime be suckin dick for da benjamins .... and they live in a shelter.

A family of modern day fucking heroes .... $50,000 a year down the drain and being profiled in the Times.