Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trayvon-O-Mania Round 48,495: Subliminal HBD Suggestion In The Otherwise Starkly Denialist Pages Of The New York Times?

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So George Zimmerman has turned himself in Florida, Standing His Ground a second time in the face of the BRA and NYT-endorsed onslaught upon him. They tried to make him white, they tried to turn him into a trigger happy Dirty Harry*, they tried to make his attacker into a cherubic altar boy atrociously wrested from the loving folds of Obama's harmonious family unit by a homicidal and psychotically racist  society.... all to no avail.

This is another OJ but this time, the New York Times is failing to lead the two-step of the racial narrative. Sorry, all you verminous little reality reversers at Amerika's newspaper of record, your Lies are too easy to see through this time. (The arrogance of the Diversity Komissars of 42nd Street, thinking they can continue to spew a ridiculous storyline despite its total absence of plausibility, and especially, in light of a growing consortium of free-thinking people now getting their news from the internet and alternative sites like this one).

But the New York Times is digging in their heels and sticking to their story. They're pretty sure that this Zimmerman type needs to fry, watering down their condemnation of Zimm now somewhat, saying that even if he were getting beat upside the haid by young Trayvon, then it's really Flordia's "dangerous" Stand Your Ground law that needs to go :

From today's Op-Ed section, "Searching For Justice In Florida" :

Oh, by the way: check out this disgusting and blatant lie from that same opinion article. Do the Times really think we haven't been paying attention ? :

Lying little weasels! Zimm was on foot when the dispatcher said he didn't need to follow young Tray.


See next post for commentary on the * Dirty Harry reference.


The New York Times: Attempting But Failing To Write Racial Fiction Since March, 2012.


Anonymous said...

How will they make a 2nd degree murder charge stick when Zimmerman was going back to his truck because the police were on their way to deal with a suspicious youth who had picked up a school suspension for dealing and who was a few feet from the house he was staying in but chose instead to turn around travel a couple of hundred feet and attack Zimmerman from behind?

Anonymous said...

Lying little weasels! Zimm was on foot when the dispatcher said he didn't need to follow young Tray.

What? The former employers of ~Selena Roberts are lying weasels?
That took me by surprise!