Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Definitive Proof That The New York Times Is Satanic And Evil

In an op-ed monstrosity published in today's national edition and entitled "God And Man In Tennessee," the New York Times puts on a sickening and cynical display of their hypocrisy when it comes to religion. The verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record publish an article - multiple articles on some days - on the Catholic church abuse scandal every day, while at the same time gushing with praise for Islam and only portraying church activity in a positive light when it is two gays at the altar or illegal Mexicans in the pews.

In "God and Man," the Times go after those hillbilly crackers in Tennessee who cling to their backwards interpretations of biblical teachings. Fair enough.

But what is truly shocking about this anti-majority propaganda puff piece, is the illustration that accompanies it, by a certain Wesley Allsbrook. Take a close look at this illustration. It is disturbing on multiple levels. The africanized Adam leering at the vulnerable and about-to-be-raped Eve appears to be wearing a crown of thorns, I shit you not. Definitely some kind of princely headdress. Wow. Notice the suggestive and subliminal way in which afro Adam's leg appears to be spread wide, suggesting that the New-Age couple are quite possibly already in the process of shagging. It's hard to tell what Eve has in her left hand: some kind of quill? A crack pipe? Seriously, the psychotic civilization assassins at the Times have to have a deep-seated hatred for mainstream Christians to publish insanely satanic shit like this. Sacrilegious and shocking, even by New York Times standards.

From the article :

The satanic illustration:


Anonymous said...

A great evil descended on the country in the 60's with the wide acceptance of drugs.Of course, there are other reasons for our present day situation, but the widespread use/acceptance of drugs is a big reason we now confront satanism in our media. Yes,it is satanic. Joe

M.G. said...

The male reminds me of old images of the Greek demi-god Pan (pointy ears, hairy legs (Pan was half goat), religious context). Not surprising this would evoke 'devil' imagery for you, as early Christian representations of Satan often depicted him this way. (notice also the horned head on her juice box) Also the 'crown of thorns' could be that leafy headdress Bacchus often wears.

Also, check out this image and the accompanying text:

The god Pan fell in love with the nymph Syrinx, who had until then eluded the pursuit of both gods and satyrs. Syrinx disdained Pan – who was neither man nor goat – and spurned his love and prayers. Pan pursued her, but when she reached the stream of the river Ladon, she was unable to escape. Synrinx then asked to the nymphs of the river to disguise her. The nymphs granted her prayers by turning her into marsh reeds.

When Pan tried to hold her, there were only the reeds and the sound which the air produced in them. On hearing it, Pan was charmed, and thinking of the nymph, said to himself in triumph, “This converse, at least, shall I have with you.”

Joining reeds of different sizes, he invented the musical instrument that was named syrinx after her, or sometimes Pan flute, after Pan himself.

Doesn't Allsbrook's illustration look like the man is pursuing the woman, and not the other way around?

As far as Wesley Allsbrook herself, looks like she's a young illustrator from North Carolina. Here's an interview with her, here are a bunch of her images. (Looks like she's a Les Guignols fan?) All her illustrations have that dreamy look to them.

So here's a young female hipster illustrator re-working the Adam/Eve story: A freckled white girl who's clearly eating off a school lunch tray (object in left hand = a plastic spork), being bothered by a dark-hued Pan- or Bacchus- or devil-figure. To get him off her back, she passes him her apple (though he'd probably prefer the sloppy joe).

In the original Biblical story it's the devil who passes the appple to Eve in order to destroy her; here it's Eve who passes the apple to the devil to make him go away. (?) Don't know if it's 'satanic' so much as one young artist's rendering of a famous religious fable using pagan Greek + modern Western imagery.

Anonymous said...

Evil is as Evil does.

Anonymous said...

Allsbrook work is being used by those who don't want children to learn how to build friendships; By those who want us all to be without friends:atomized individuals with no culture,heritage,morality, and ultimately,no families.
The over-all agenda of the mainstream media today is satanic in the sense that everything is designed to destroy family life.
One does not have to be a Christian fundamentalist to see the great destruction of family life in the past 50 years. The destruction of family life started at the same time that drugs became popular in the 60's. It is drug-induced destruction to a very large degree.
The media still encourages us to destroy our families and now there are groups of people in the country who don't even want children to hold hands.In other words, the children should mistrust one another and be afraid of others, even siblings and schoolmates. This is disgusting.
All the intellectual critique of Allsbrook's artwork doesn't change the fact that children are being encouraged to distrust one another and keep a distance from one another effectively undermining their friendships.
Allsbrook art is being used by the people who love this inhuman agenda. All the intellectual analysis of Greek gods doesn't cover up the fact that her work is being used by the people pushing the agenda.
Your " smoke screen" is not working. It is quite obvious you are deflecting from the main point of the newspaper article.
The agenda in the mainstream media is evil in that it encourages us to destroy our families. If it's evil, then it's satanic.
Her artwork is being used for "The Agenda." It is therefore evil,and therefore satanic.
I am not a fundamentalist Christian. I don't even have a bible. But I do have eyes,ears,a mind and a heart.
My heart is for family and children and "The Agenda" is an enemy to family . The agenda is inimical to family life. The agenda is inimical to Christian families,Jewish families,white families,black families,etc.;All of us are being encouraged to
destroy our families.
Yes, it is evil and therefore satanic and yes, it all started with the drug craze in the 1960's.
Her artwork is just another tool for "The Agenda". Joe

Anonymous said...

Good on ya' for spotting that.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm more of a word person. Main thing I noticed was the "praise" for the Scotch-Irish (yes, "my people," as Holder says) being so in favor of "diversity."
Heh. Aren't these the same people the Times usually calls racist rednecks?

Anonymous said...

If one is white and doesn't bend over to get f*cked up the butt by every and any minority type, then such a white person is a racist redneck,even if such a recalcitrant white is well-educated,well-traveled,and urbane. If a white person,a good example is Alsbrook, supports or is indifferent to the agenda of white genocide,then she is a "hipster" and hipsters be cool and sh*t like that, as long as the hipster never says or does anything good for her/his own white race. They be cool.
That's pretty much the set-up today. It's evil and it's satanic.Joe