Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Breathtaking Blame-Shift Epic Fail Reporting On Haiti That Would Make Hesketh Pritchard Shudder In His Grave

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The verminous alterworld blame-shifting reality contortionist diversity fanatics at Amerika's newspaper of record published a giant eight-thousand word article today that appeared above the fold in their Sunday edition, i.e. the most valuable newspaper publishing real estate on Planet Earth, straight-facedly entitled "In Haiti, Global Failures On A Cholera Epidemic," that was penned by Times communist Deborah Sontag (email Miss Sontag here).

Any chance Miss Debbie Sontag is related to Susan "White People Are The Cancer Of Human History" Sontag?

Answer: highly likely. But I'm feeling too jaded and bitter to even bother to do a Google search at this time (aka: TLTG - or "Too Lazy To Google").

It has become quite epidemic now: every time the New York Times reports on Haiti, for example, or any other "ethnically sensitive" topic, we know before we even start reading that their journalistic coverage of this poor poor pitiful island, is going to be so incredibly dishonest and disingenuously politically correct, that the article will contain very little actual information as to what is really going on in that land of decimated forests, ten thousand NGOs, voodoo, Aids, and baby rape.

The New York Times stopped being a responsible newspaper about forty years ago. Today, the lying little weasels of forty-second street are more committed to fibbing in furtherance of their do-gooder mantra - "To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable" - than they are to reporting even the most obvious and bitter of truths, even if this means grossly misinforming those among us who are by virtue of birth more "comfortable" than the "afflicted" whose uplift the Sulzbergers have supposedly devoted their existence to.

What is sad and truly criminal in this state of affairs, is that the elitist weasels at the Times actually do more harm than good by spewing their wishful-thinking conception of humankind, wherein despite the obvious reality that assaults our lying eyes every day, all humans are 100% fungible, and the ONLY reason some peoples wind up dirt poor and cholera-infested and aids-infested and living in shit-soaked mud hut villages, is the result of some kind of awful breakdown of a global social justice system that only the four-eyed elitist reality reversers at the New York Times seem to understand how it works.

In today's giant front page piece on Haiti and its disgusting cholera epidemic, which began in October 2010, a few months after the devastating earthquake that knocked that voodoo nation's cement-and-mud buildings down to the ground, Sontag and her criminal abettors at the Times make clear from the get-go that the Haitians themselves have absolutely NO ROLE to play in their own shitty situation. Nay, it is about bad bad foreigners, coming to Haiti to impose their will and help the local incapables after the earthquake (how dare they!) and in the process, a barracks full of Nepalese soldiers apparently did not read the United Nations manual about how to wash their hands and keep fecal matter from their UN peacekeepers camps from seeping into the poor, innocent, pure-of-blame and golden-of-heart, God-like Haitian peasants living downstream from the evil UN troops barracks.

Make no mistake: the fact that the so-called purveyors of cholera bacteria in this case were Nepalese soldiers (and not white American Marines), probably gave Sontag and her NYT bedfellows symptoms not unlike those that cholera sufferers are cursed with.

Oy !

But hey, they were Nepalese - which that means non-black, right? - and they WERE United Nation employees. So guess what: the UN is mostly, practically an American institution. After all its HQ is located in Manhattan, right? And the United States after all pays a larger percentage of the UN's budget than any other nation on earth, right? Yeah, about one quarter of that UN budget.

So, in Sontag's diseased little leftist do-gooder mind, even though the problems of Haiti are obviously a direct result of the biological reality of that cursed and murdering people's own (in)abilities, Sontag manages to blame-shift the Haitian peoples' self-created misery onto the outside world, with the specter of White Western evil looming in the background, suggested maliciously and mendaciously in the course of Sontag's laughable-if-it-weren't-so-hatefully-dishonest little propaganda puff piece.

In a sane world, that world's richest, most technologically advanced, nation, would publish a newspaper of record that told the truth. Not so on Planet Earth in 2012; not so in America today.

Nay: in keeping with the breathtaking lies of the world's elites, HBD is shot down and denied at every turn.

In a sane world, a sense of humour and a bit of raunchy-but-healthy cynicism would seep its way into the debate about Haiti, and everywhere where clear HBD forces are at play. After all, how else can you talk sanely and realistically about Haiti when Hesketh Pritchard's 1900 tome "Where Black Rules White" is all over the interwebs?

Not so with America, 2012.

The people of the Dominican Republic have no illusions about their feckless feces-smeared neighbours across the border in Haiti; the Chinese make no illusions about their present and future subjects in soon-to-be-Chinese Africa.

Nay, only Western European countries, and the United States (and the EU) in particular, seem to be capable of going to such incredible lengths of denial, when it comes to explaining Haitian dysfunction in particular, and African dysfunction in general.

Will we learn from this?

Answer: Sontag says yes: we will learn from this, by sending even more money into Haiti, thus that the civilization gap between Haiti and the rest of the planet may be closed.


From Sontag's article "In Haiti, Global Failures On A Cholera Epidemic" :

The New York Times: Epic Blame-Shift Fail On Non-Western Dysfunction Since 2010.


M.G. said...

Artur, you are a prince among men for wading through these conneries every day so we don't have to. I agree that Prichard's travelogue is gold. A lively, quick read, highly recommended. I wouldn't be surprised if his 1899 take on the capital's cleanliness were the same today:

The town [of Port-au-Prince] possesses a peculiar picturesqueness of its own, unlike anything one sees in any other quarter of the globe. But you walk through its cobbled streets with circumspection, for they are ankle-deep in refuse.

No smallest effort is made at sanitation; the street-drains with all their contaminations flow down and help to fill up the harbour. At times the rain flushes them, and this effort of Nature seems to be the sole force that tends to cleanliness. Under these circumstances you would expect Port-au-Prince to pay a heavy toll to the lords of disease. Surely this must be the most unhealthy spot in the world. But it is not so. Why? There you have a question no one can answer.

Of course the ordinary malarial fevers are by no means uncommon, but the absence of other and more serious diseases leaves one to speculate to what height Port-au-Prince might soar as a health resort if an enterprising and wholesome Government did away with the present-day horrors of the streets.

A health resort! Bless you, Hesketh.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that cholera was unknown in Haiti til now.

In a similar vein:

TB had been eradicated in Britain until recently. Now its back, three guesses as to how. . .

Anonymous said...

Oops hadnt finished.

If Nepalese troops are baad for bringing in a disease while trying to help. What are people who bring disease into a place when they werent even invited?