Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Great Equalizers At The New York Times Take A Victory Lap As Twenties-Something White Girls Produce More Bastard Spawn Than Ever, According To New Study

The verminous reality contortionist elites at the New York Times busted out the party balloons on their front page today to celebrate the  programmed deconstruction of Western society in an article entitled "For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage," pugnaciously penned by Times communist and femcunt Sabrina Tavernise.

Seriously: does it get any more disgusting than this? Where directly as a result of the kinds of policies that are championed by the four-eyed Ivy League weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record, Western civilization is sliding lamentably into gradual social and economic collapse - the kind where the traditional hierarchy that used to keep things functioning on First-World levels is spat upon and gradually erased by the do-gooder social engineering elites, the kind of societal chaos where entire ghettoes of gubment welfare-dependent single mothers are created in a climate of anti-Western hatred?

The New York times celebrates while society collapses. These hateful little eunuchs are gleeful because their policies are working. And they enjoy rubbing it in.

From the article :

So now illegitimacy is the "new normal," and the New York Times rejoices. They won't be happy until every chink in the armor of Western Civilization is completely broken down and de-legitimatized.

Make no mistake: the New York Times wants to destroy White Western Civilization. That is why they report with such enthusiasm on subjects such as this. The "stigma" that used to prevent casual pregnancies, and their equally casual termination, no longer exist in the better, more enlightened anti-Western anti-majority progressive universe of NYT one-worlder egalitarianists. To them, this is progress. But the Those Who Can See crowd (You, reader) know that one group can progress only if another group is held down  with a boot on the neck.

The New York Times is an evil institution; and yet, it has of course not always been this way. Western society does not in Fev. 2012 look anything like it did a mere thirty years ago. The changes have been monumental in such a short amount of time; they were effected directly as a result of the sick policies that the weasels at the Times fight to enforce on a daily basis.

Their ultimate goal is nothing short of annihilation for Western Civilization as we know it. And guess what: they are succeeding.

The New York Times: Lobbying For The Spenglerian Demise Of The West Since 1946.


Jay said...

Thanks for posting this article and adding your insights. I read this article yesterday. I was completely outraged at the celebratory tone of the piece. You hit the nail on the head when you call the NYT evil. They prove, on a daily basis, that they are more then willing to tear down all things good and decent in western culture. And to what end?

Anonymous said...

"Our country" is filling up with third world people and they breed like flies, five, six, ten kids apiece each with a different sperm donor.
Anyone who tries to convince me that single women raise their children I say they are lying. Welfare, child care, head start, schools, detention centers, jails,and prisons all do their part in scattering the "parenting" of these bastardize chillren around.

rjp said...

Nothing can insill self-esteem in a child like a welfare mother.