Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Powerful Essay From Sarah That Explains The Demise Of The West Quite Convincingly

Source: Sarahmaidofalbion.com 

The only nations which can thrive and grow in a globalised world are those which are currently growing and thriving, Brazil, India and China, countries with societies not that dissimilar to Tsarist Russia or pre-revolutionary France, with tiny, fabulously wealthy and powerful, elites living in palatial and gated exclusion whilst the remaining 95% of the population struggle in levels of poverty and deprivation of the like we have not seen in Europe, or anywhere in the west for centuries.

These brutal, unequal and divided states, all incidentally net exporters of immigration, are the models for success in a globalised world, whereas we, with our aspirations to equality and multicultural obsessions are not.   

Our compassionate, liberal and equal societies can not survive globalisation and they can not survive multiculturalism, it is just not possible as those two malign forces, by their very nature smother and crush those things upon which our societies depend.

That was, of course, the plan, globalisation and multiculturalism are features of a malevolent alliance between the extremes of two seemingly opposing forces, ruthless capitalism and cultural marxism .  

To thrive at its most predatory level capitalism requires a native population, a workforce, to be disempowered, for Marxism to succeed a native population not only needs to be disempowered it needs to be destroyed.  This you see is where those two great evils find a common ground on which to pursue their aims.

Ruthless capitalism of the type espoused by a nationless elite with its global corporations and unremitting calls for more cheap imported labour is the ferocious gale battering against the great and ancient tree which is out nation, whereas Marxism with its joint tools
of political correctness and  lying propaganda is the rot gnawing at its roots.


rjp said...

This is something I have said since high school: "For a country to be great, there have to be nigger nations."

For years, our nigger nations have been Japan, Korea, China, and India. But the liberals want to lift them to Western wages, hence there will be no nigger nations and there will be an upper-class and those-who-just-survive in the USA shortly. We would have moved production to Mexico and South long ago if the had the work ethic and produced quality goods. Africa will never provide either, hence we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Sarah does publish some amazing work from time to time.