Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, February 17, 2012

Flash From The Past: Early Nineteenth-Century Scholarship on Race Relations

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From "Races And Immigrants In America," 1907, by John Commons :

"Although the negro races of Africa extend across the continent and from the Sudan to Cape Colony, yet the races which yielded the largest supply of slaves for America were confined to a narrow stretch of the Atlantic coast near the equator. For nearly two thousand miles from Cape Verde the coast of Africa runs southeast and easterly, and then for another thousand miles it runs to the south, forming the Gulf of Guinea, and from a belt of land along this coast practically all the negro immigrants to America have come. Here several large rivers, the Senegal, the Gambia, the Niger, and the Congo—furnished harbors for slave ships and routes for slave traders from the interior. Two circumstances, the climate and the luxuriant vegetation, render this region hostile to continuous exertion. The torrid heat and the excessive humidity weaken the will and exterminate those who are too strenuous; but this same heat and humidity, with the fertile soil, produce unparalleled crops of bananas, yams, and grains. Thus nature conspires to produce a race indolent, improvident, and contented. Seventy-five per cent of the deaths are said to be executions for supposed [Pg 40]witchcraft, which has killed more men and women than the slave trade. Formerly cannibalism prevailed, but it has now been largely stamped out by European governments. The native governments are tribal, and the chiefs sustain themselves by their physical prowess and the help of priests and medicine men. Property is mainly in women and slaves, and inheritance is through the female, except among the nobility of Dahomey, where primogeniture rules. Written laws and records are unknown. The people are unstable, indifferent to suffering, and “easily aroused to ferocity by the sight of blood or under great fear.” They exhibit aversion to silence and solitude, love of rhythm, excitability, and lack of reserve. All travellers speak of their impulsiveness, strong sexual passion, and lack of will power.[11]

Now contrast this to the modern "enlightened" progressive view on African Americans as preached to us by the Great Equalizers at Amerika's newspaper of record :

"Interracial Marriage Seen As Gaining Wide Acceptance"

From the article :

Sometimes I get really pissed off reading the New York Times. It's like dealing with a chick who is so contrarian, you know before you even say anything that she is going to respond in Opposite Mode :

"Could you roll up the window."

"No I'll just turn up the air conditioning."

"Could you pass the milk?"

"No here's the soy it's better for you."

"Could you put it on Comedy Channel? South Park's on."

"No let's watch Rachel Maddow."


The New York Times is like a bitchy chick that you want to kick in the neck, but you know you can't because that would be uncivilized.

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