Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decoding The Times' Stealth Deconstruction Of Western Civilization

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The New York Times published a front page article yesterday which was noteworthy for the apparent vapidity of its subject. "417.6 Million Bites Later" is the story of a home video called "Charlie Bit My Finger" that after going viral last year has been viewed almost half a billion times, making it the most-viewed non-commercial video on YouTube ever.

I read this article, which included a small photo published below the fold - still some of the most valuable publishing real estate on earth - with a combination of curiosity and suspicion. Whenever something appears odd in the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, it is usually because the hateful weanie elites of 42nd Street are up to something sneaky, going covert in the furthering of their sinister agenda to undermine Western Civilization.

Probably like everybody else, consumed with curiosity I had to go to YouTube to look at the most viewed vid ever. My intrigue was piqued further when I realized that there is absolutely nothing special about this vid, which leads to the inevitable question: "How is this possible? Even 'shrimp on a treadmill' was better than this."

In effect, the New York Times uses the story of Charlie and his brother's bitten finger to sneer obliquely at white heterosexual family life in Britain. Though the video itself (a four year-old at home with his baby brother, filmed by the father) is the product of a family setting, and talks at length about the amateur videographer father, there is no mention of any mother, leading the reader to speculate that this is perhaps an enlightened "non-conventional" modern British family. Maybe the boys even have two dads?

But then the Times quotes their fellow anti-majority peers over at a British rag, who talk about Charlie and his family:

Now of course, if the boys did have two fathers, then of course the family would be the object of the Times' most fawning accolades. But apparently that is not the case.

The New York Times: Sticking A Knife In The Heart Of All That Is Good And Decent Since 1977.


Anonymous said...

Coast to Coast Radio tonite:

CIA Told New York Times About 9/11 Warnings | Dissident Voice
Command Negligence: NY Times Lied. by Susan Lindauer / September 11th, 2011. 9/11 denialists like to swear smugly that the official 9/11 story must be true...
Susan said NYT did what it could to smear her....gee big surprise!

Anonymous said...

If you want to see what the New York Slimes wants for whites in the US, the world for that matter, view the video "Africa Addio".

Anonymous said...

Charlie bit my finger shows the inherent cannibalism in the white man and explains why the black man has to be careful 24 7 365 or he will be eaten.