Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back-Slappin' Fun As The New York Times Celebrates Population Replacement In New York City

Meanwhile over in France, where pro-French nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen is in a strong second place for the April 22nd presidential elections, the whole "halal" controversy is deadly-serious front-page news after it was revealed last week in a prime-time documentary (watch it in French here) that 100% of all meet slaughtered in the Paris region is Halal.

The real scandal is that every day, millions of French people without even knowing it are eating meat that was slaughtered according to a barbaric Islamic tradition: Halal slaughter requires the poor beasts' throats to be cut while the animals are fully conscious. As you can see in the film, this is an entirely unnecessary practice that underscores the barbaric Stone Age nature of Islam in the first place: animals not first stunned before slaughter endure horrific suffering that can last up to 14 minutes. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has been lobbying to outlaw this practice in France for years.

What's additionally noteworthy is that halal slaughter is outlawed in the European Union. In France however, Muslim pressure groups have made it a commonplace practice; worse still, Islamic pressure groups also lobbied to prevent the French government from requiring labels to be stuck on halal meet in supermarkets and other food distribution  outlets like restaurants. This abrogation of the most basic reasonableness is an indication of France's ongoing dhimmitude and the creeping Islamicisation that genuinely threatens that once-great nation.

So while the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record have a good-ole' belly laugh about dysfunction in the Third World, and the inundation of South East Asians into New York City's taxi driver workforce,  the word "halal" in France has ominous, real-world overtones that are no laughing matter. But of course the lying, sinister population replacement elites at the Grey Whore of Forty-Second Street never make the obvious connection between Third World behaviour in Pakistan ("Oh, the student he put gun on table, and the teacher he take test! So funny!") ("hilarious," according to Times communist Adam Cowell) and the inhabitants of that enriched shit pit. It is of course as always as if  geography trumps culture (HBD? - fuggedabouddit) in the diseased minds of these New York Times propaganda penguins - yes they all think alike.

The New York Times:  Making Light Of The Demise Of The West Since 1966


Anonymous said...

Okay so the ones that don't get the taxi jobs can always fall back on robbing, stealing, killing, and drugs, along with the welfare.

rjp said...

Times is too stupid to relize that the replacement population doesn't buy their newspaper .....

Anonymous said...

Islam = disgusting

I am a vegetarian but if I were not I would still say..

Anonymous said...

Its me again [comment 3]
having seen some of the movie Im like...