Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's "Science Times" Obsesses Over the Question: 'How Can We Increase the Population of the Third World Even MORE?'

27SeptMMXI- Click to Enlarge
(And no, that is NOT another
ad for the Smile Train)
Yes, the do-gooder reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record published an entire section today devoted to the health, well being, and (ultimately) increased fecundity of the Turd World.

You see, nothing is more important for the competitive compassion athletes at the Times, than the health and well-being of non-European peoples.

It's a little weird - creepy even. We know! But you have to get over the inherent revulsion to wrap your mind around it if you want to understand the liberal worldview espoused by the world's MSM drivel, and the Gray Lady in particular.

It is of no import to the freakazoids of 42nd Street that the population of Africa has doubled - DOUBLED - in less than 30 years. They want it to double again in another twenty-five years or less. And if their greatest wet dreams come true, then the global population of euros will likewise continue to plummet in its predictable, engineered downward path. Make no mistake: the social movements that led us from the Baby Boom to the Nightmare of 2042 were the result of a dark and insider, orchestrated effort to diminish the power and influence of Western Civilization worldwide. If today you have friends from large families who are in their 30s or 40s and who are childless, chances are that these friends are not the free-wheeling, "question authority" types that they pretend to be: they were duped into not having kids, they didn't decide not to have kids out of any kind of enlightened worldview. That's all part of the illusion.

But, we digress...

Today's Science Times is a cornucopia of articles and gushing peace corps-style do-gooder stories about DWL euro-types slumming it in Africa with all sorts of cheap and simple inventions designed to keep black people in the Dark Continent alive and prosperous. The entirety of these innovations are financed by guilty, misguided white people and the international institutions, private and otherwise, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the World Bank to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), that do their bidding. Even though the four-eyed self-hating Marxist pussies at the Economist magazine will try to tell you that the USA is a skinflint when it comes to foreign aid outlays (because other countries provide more per capita, blah blah blah), the fact is that there is not a single humanoid on earth who has not benefited from the largesse of American benevolence, direct or indirect.

This aid is mostly direct though, as evidenced in this photo of a Libyan "refugee" carting away his worldly possessions from his shithole of a home in the desert to a UN-backed refugee resettlement agency in the dunes:

Look Closely for Your Taxdollar Charity At Work (Okay it's
the shiny can of cooking oil on the left)
But again, we digress.

In today's pitiable "Science Times" section, we have misty-eyed tales of white doctoresses devoting their lives to promoting male circumcision in Zambia (the afro-types don't seem so into it, alas); we have white doctor types from Belgium devoting their lives to teaching afros how to catch a go-fast taxi in the brush, so that they can make it to the euro-financed clinic in town, where free euro-developed, mostly American-financed retroviral drugs are available to them (read: PEPFAR) (thanks Dubya) (hey! it was only sixty billion dollars!), so that these permanently tumescent, high-fertility afros can live another day to ravage the chocolately vulvas of their womenfolk, in furtherance of the noble task of creating yet another generation of hungry erecti with giant libidos and tiny craniums; we have Holocaust-surviving millionaires who have devoted their remaining days to buffing the competitive altruism halo atop their balding heads by building wells in the farthest reaches of Bangladesh... the list goes on and on.

What though is the common denominator in this motley crew of beta- do-gooders?

Answer: they all are working not for the betterment of the West, because they think that the West has already achieved the heights of human achievment. That is hall-of-shame category enough in our jaded eyes.

The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper. Worse than that though, it is an evil, sinister organization comprised not of newsmen, but of ideologues hellbent on a global social justice campaign that takes the concept of "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" to incredible new levels of anti-meritocracy.

We all like to help a creature who's down; every normal, caring person is hardwired to display empathy for the downtrodden. The problem with the psycopaths with pens at the New York Times, however,  is that they have taken this concept and gone so far with it - responsible as they are for influencing public policy on a major scale in this nation - that they have lopsided the entire spectrum of human achievement with their misguided agenda, which when you think about it is sick from the get-go, because competitive altruism is egotistical to its core.

In other words: the Times is fucking up the world because it makes the people who write for it feel superior.

Think I'm exaggerrating? Then consider this diddy of a do-gooder DWL invention: the Pee-Poo.

That's right: high-minded euro-types care so much for the world's poor, that they have invented a device for the poor to defecate in, and then (get this!), in order to "prevent global warming," the Pee-Poo people buy back the natives' shit. (We saw something creepily similar before in Haiti. See here, from December of last year.)

You can't make this shit up:  "The Pee-Poo, A Biodegradable Toilet for the Developing World"

It's Green, It's NYT-Approved

From the Pee-Poo article :

The New York Times: "You can't make this shit up" since 1994. 


Anonymous said...

normally i luv ths blog but that was 2 gross

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all start sending them our stools, after all they truly deseve 5 tonnes of shit arriving every morning in the post.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if the NYT jews could have their way, we would all be forced to buy the feces of Africans forever until the last white person disappears.