Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Sterility of France, the Warmth of Africa" : New York Times Film Critic A.O. Scott, By Choosing These Words to Describe a 1966 Film About Newly-Independent Senegal, Proves Plainly that the NYT is Sanctimonious To A Fault

Our letter to Times communist and chief movie reviewer A.O. Scott, reads as follows :

"The sterility of France, the warmth of senegal."

You Sir are a NWO eunuch, a useful idiot employing in 2011 combinations of reality-distorting words that in the era when this film "Black Girl" was made, would have made you look even more like an idiot than you do in the current review of this "film".

When is the slobbering, the sucking up, the pandering going to end? Do you even realize how foolish you appear to real Africans? I've lived in Senegal, (Dakar);  I might even be one; I can assure you as a result that you seem quite stupid when you talk about how Sterile France is, and how wonderful and warm Africa is.

Africa sucks, everyone knows this. Everyone I know wants to get out of here. How can you and your ilk find justification in romanticizing life in a dung-covered mud hutt? It defies logic.

Sorry, I know you have a career to protect; I know that your employer has given itself the mission of African Uplift No Mater What (AUNMW) for the past two decades or so.

But seriously, a smart guy like you?, towing the party line like that no matter what? It is embarrassing and frankly I feel bad seeing smart white guys like yourself having to suck on the tit of political correctness just to survive. It's sad Mister Scott, it really is.

Maybe in future it'll be possible to have a pair of intellectual balls, and tell things like they really are, without having to worry about acceptance or a paycheck.


- A. D.

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Anonymous said...

I often wonder after seeing things such as these if the communards are even aware how many whites worked, built, and died in Africa so that these native peoples could fuck things up in no time and then descend on the first world en masse. I also wonder how the reviewer handles domestic duties seeing how fond of blacks he is. Of course employing whites would make him feel guilty and everyone knows black domestics steal.