Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DSK and the NYT: A Conspiracy of Silence

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The whole DSK mess has been a terrible headache for the eunuchs at Amerika's newspaper of record: on the one hand, the ex-Director of the IMF is a manifestation of precisely the kind of New World Order no-borders liberal elitist the Times seeks to idolize on a daily basis. The policy-shapers at the New York Times have historically had a hard time saying anything negative about Strauss-Kahn, as the article below makes clear:

Like the NYT's, His Silence
 Speaks Volumes

"One Prospect For President Isn't Talking, But France Is"

From the article (published by the NYT on February 17th, 2011, two months before DSK paid to have his shlong serviced by the lying whore asylum-cheater from Guinea, who refuses to let go her ticket to play the ghetto lottery) :

Notice the way the New York Times harps on allegations of anti-semitism at the expense of their French socialist play-thing:

From LeFigaro in Paris, see here to have a look at the official complaint filed on behalf of the welfare-cheating, asylum-cheating whore housekeeper from hell (sorry, Guinea). It truly is worth a read. Note the way that the rather dumb lawyer representing this disgusting, opportunistic hooker seems to tap every chiché from the Victims' Playbook every invented.

Disgusting whores like this and their victimization-hustler pimps who enable them are precisely a terrible, and I mean TErrIBle, symptom of all that is wrong with Western Civilization today.

For those of you too lazy (and I empathize) to check out via the link above the complaint filed in Bronx Civil court by the DSK Hooker's attorney last week, here is a good sample page (note the quality of the writing) :

Not An Exaggeration To Say: A Potent, Ugly Symbol of ALL That Is Wrong WIth Western Civilization Today


Anonymous said...

It's ghetto lottery 101 for this African asylum cheat.

The funny thing is, she and the other race hustlers in that photo are too stupid to realize the monumental social forces that made such a farce possible.

Anonymous said...

the very sight of that ugly, conniving, greedy boon says it all: bye bye, western civilization. You have effectively been sold down the river.