Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Obamas In Africa: The NYT Reports On POTUS In The Motherland, And (Unintentional) Hilarity Ensues


Along with White House inmate Michelle LaVaughn "they told me I wasn't smart enough" Robinson O'bama, George Bush and his bird-beak idiot wife Laura are also in Barry's Home Continent tonight. 

Make no mistake: every time the New York Times reports about anything in or on Africa, they are going to make themselves sound like the ridiculous disingenuous white liberal pussies that they are. 

The article cited above is no exception, of course. In it, the verminous reality acrobats at Amerika's newspaper of record report on Obama's visit to the capital of Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam - (who cares?), and his visit with that nation's president, Jakaya Kikwete (who cares?) (I feel like I've lost IQ points even bothering to spell-check this idiot's name). 

NY Times censors apparently failed to white-out the deep-seated gibs muh dat mentality that exists in the assisted, West-dependent  mind of the African Big Man in this hilarious little quip from the article : 

Right they had a good chuckle they did about all the US dough being poured into Africa so that the Dark Continent can win Olympic Gold in Competitive Breeding.

A quick run over to the CIA World Factbook tells us that Tanzanians reproduce at the rate of 5.01 chirren per woman. Meanwhile in Germany the rate is closer to 1.2; in France it's even less than that; in the USA, fuggedaboutit, the Census Bureau declared just weeks ago that Euros were dying off faster than they were reproducing here in America, right on target with The Project that the vermin at the NYT endorse so wholeheartedly.

Too, it's funny really, because the only positive thing about Obama's visit to Tanzania was that he  addressed the very real scourge of wildlife poaching, where Africans, while themselves reproducing at pathological rates, mostly as a direct result of Western food aid and other Western influences, slaughter rhinos, elephants, great apes (ahem), and other majestic creatures of the wild, mostly to satisfy the growing market for the disgusting Chinese practice of consuming exotic animal parts. 

No word from the vermin at the Times, of course, about China's disgusting role in the disappearance  of these animals. 


The New York Times: Like A Playbill For The End Of The West They Have So Artfully Engineered, Since 1896. 

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