Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, July 15, 2013

"If Obama Had A Son"... He Would Look Like One Of These Individuals...

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Statistically speaking - and by that I mean no emotion,  just the facts - what are the chances that if Trayvon Martin (huh?) had not been made harmless by white Hispanic Peruvian Jew George W. Zimmerman, what are the chances that the "No Limit niggah"  would have turned into something like this :


Why were Trayvon Martin's criminal proclivities not discussed for even one second during the trial?

Why was it not mentioned as it should have been over and over that the only reason he was in GW's (Zimmerman's) neighborhood watch area in the first place, was that he had been suspended from skoo for criminal behaviour?

Answer: the debate that is going on nationwide over the Trayvon affair is a "dialogue de sourds" - it's like two deaf people talking about a rainstorm, while both are blindfolded and neither realizes that they are are actually being urinated upon.

To truly understand the Trayvon-O-mania affair, everyone should be familiar with and understand the life works of Paul du Chaillu, Nehemia Adams, Dr. Samuel Morton, the lying and verminous Stephen Jay Gould, Charles Darwin, and Socrates.

Do not look to the New York Times for wisdom or a coherent explanation of current events: the NYT is on a berserk and militant mission to undo Americana, in a sickly perversion of their creed: "To comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

The New York Time is an evil institution that gets sicker by the day.


Anonymous said...

The Trayvon Martin Racial Hoax Trial is just one more of these hoaxes that Whites are made to suffer through. The justice system in this country has become a hoax led by such frauds as Holder and Obama. The US is a banana republic now from the Supreme Court right on down to the state courts. These hoaxes are meant to show Whites that the blacks are in charge. We are at war with these slimballs.

Anonymous said...

I never hear Al Sharpton get "angry" about :

" Obama And Operation Fast And Furious"

Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, supplied weapons to criminal Mexican gangs. The Mexican gangs are targeting and killing blacks-- especially in California -- with guns and weapons the black Obama and the black Eric Holder supplied the Mexican gangs!!

Yet not even one word of "anger" about that from Al Sharpton or any black so-called "leader". Complete silence about Operation Fast And Furious.

Since the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation, 11,106 blacks have been murdered in the US by their FELLOW BLACKS. Blacks have killed 11,106 blacks since the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation !!! Not one word of "anger" about that.

I don't know how many blacks have been killed by the Mexican gangs Obama and Holder supplied with weapons. The number is substantial though. No "anger" about that.

" Latino Gangs Launch Attacks On Black Families In Compton To Drive Them Out Of City"

"Black Hispanic Gang Rivalries Send Chill Through LA"

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

'Government Caught Paying Protestors After Trayvon Martin Shooting To Create Racial Division" :


Also, go to :


For more information about this subject.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Five days after the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman, and Barry Soetero, aka Obama, is stirring the racial pot. Obama wants bloodshed, he wants riots, he wants death and destruction to further his despotic aims. Obama is a true criminal in every since of the word. He won't rest until he has martial law and he is in full control. Not a single elected official has spoken out against this renegade, Obama. Zimmerman was tried in a court of law. He was found not guilty. What does Obama not understand about that?