Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Asian Airways Boeing 777 Crash Lands In San Fran: COTT Calls It: Pilot Error

This Asian Airways jumbo jet en route from South Korea to San Fran  had close to 300 people on board, of which more than 160 were Chinese, about eighty or so were Korean,  just a single one was Japanese, and about sixty were "American," which means of course that the airplane was 95% filled with Orientals, including no doubt the Korean idiot at the controls.

Nothing against Orientals, of course.

The Boeing 777 is - was until today - one of the safest big jets in the skies. No one has ever died as a result of a Boeing 777 crashing, until today, July 6th 2013.

Why are 160 Chinese nationals flying into San Fransisco in the first place? This was just one of how many flights daily from Asia to the USA? How may of the Chinese nationals aboard this flight were traveling to the USA for legitimate purposes, and by "legitimate" I exclude: 1) birth tourism; 2) visiting illegal alien Chinese relatives in view of furthering chain-link Chinese immigration to U S ub Ehhh; 3) everybody else not coming for a weekend trip to Universal Studios.


It's pointless I know. Westerners are the inventors of the instruments of their own demise, how poetic in a sense.

We at COTT appreciate all people, except the Chinese. And only because the garbage that the Chinese send over to the West in gargantuan container ships, is for anyone who has ever appreciated a finely crafted hand tool, for example, the very worst kind of treachery.

Modern air travel is one of the most disastrous things ever to befall Western Civilization. It should sadden every right-thinking Westerner, that when facilitated by man-jawed refugee resettlement agencies in DC, entire plane-loads of Stick-Age (um, pre- Stone Age) missing links are just eight short hours away from the East Coast by air.

Damn you both, Orville brothers !

How is it possible in this day and age, with all the so-called politically correct sensitivity to such things as so-called global warming et al., how is it possible that every few seconds a jumbo jet packed with tourists from alien lands rumbles down an international runway, burning up in a mere forty seconds during takeoff the same amount of fuel that would keep a dirigeable like the Zeppelin aloft for two weeks?

Answer: it does not make sense. Modern air travel is in horrible hypocritical conflict with the reigning zeitgeist of the delusional West, where it is illegal to manufacture incandescent light bulbs, but also where by contrast big-box stores are stuffed to the gills with crap products made in the pollution-disgusting Third World, where the reprobate elites give not two shits about any such pansy Western causes as recycling, drunk driving enforcement, spousal abuse and the list goes on.

To conclude a mad rant on a Saturday 1st World (for now) morning: ban international air travel.

- Maxwell

(guest writer for COTT)


verity said...

I've thought similar things for some years now, ever since I became aware of mass immigration, and I think this is the first blog piece I've read to mention the role of air travel in the demise of our country.

Cheap and easy air travel (whereby many 'destitute' immigrants can fly nonstop to our shores), is a big part of this Camp of the Saints scenario we are watching around us.

Also, many Americans have become enamored of 'diversity' and the exotic thanks to cheap, fast air travel. Hence more rootless 'world citizens' are manufactured by this needless globetrotting.

Everyone says the world is getting smaller, and that's supposed to be a good thing? Good for asylum shoppers and other international opportunists, but not for us and our posterity.

Anonymous said...

Our enemies don't need military invasion fleets. Our enemies have the US government and the US immigration service to aid their invasion of our country. The US government glorifies this invasion as if its' members are immune from the effects of this foreign invasion. Just take a look at Egypt, the Middle East, and other jihadis to see what is coming to your neighborhood soon. If it hasn't got there yet, don't worry it will.