Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, July 20, 2013

State Farm Commercial With African American Woman / Chinese Man Couple And What They Want You To Think Is Presumably Their Child

What the hell is going on here?

And by that I mean: Who used a power tool on that poor lady's nostrils?

Watch this commercial twice. Notice the way its makers ever so gently (sneakily?) introduce the concept of pro-miscegenation by not outright showing the Chinese/African couple right away, they wait until the 7th second to splash an utterly unlikely and dissonant image on the screen. A chinese man with a black American woman? Seriously?

Does this kind of thing really sell insurance?

The evil civilization wreckers behind this advert know that confusion and dystopia go hand-in-hand. They realize that bewildering the tiny minds of the sheeple with too-strong images of statistically anomalous pairings will cause outrage of the kind that met the introduction of the Cheerios "heart healthy" commercial that was broadcast at every intermission of the Zimmerman trial.

That is no doubt why they intentionally made the baby look more black than chinese-african. That way, the people who saw this ad would question their own interpretation of it. As in:

"Maybe the chinese guy is just the step-father of this very african-american looking baby? Right?"

Just imagine how a commercial like this airing in mainland China would be received; imagine a commercial like this airing in 1950s - hell not even, 1970s - America.

The New York Times: Even Though This Post Has Nothing To Do With Them, It's Still Their Fault, Since 1957.

Post Note: Okay, everybody caught that, right? The sneakiness goes up another level (on third viewing): turns out that chinese-african couple are not a couple at all. The chinese guy is an insurance salesman. But I had to watch the advert three times before that was apparent. 


Anonymous said...

Yer right: the couple in the State Farm commercial are not actually a "couple" : the Asian guy is a rival insurance agent selling the negro woman wit child insurance.

But of course the commercial is so vague and so weird, that most viewers after one viewing will come to the immediate conclusion that the negro women is in fact with the chinaman and in the cardinal sense of the word.

This commercial and you are right to point it out, is waaaay wicker than the cheerios :Heart Healthy" commercial that triggered so much outrage and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

Black/white (or other mixtures) or often hinted at. eg in a workplace setting, in a commercial a white woman will be shown sitting next to a black man. Nominally, they aren't a couple but its all about the subliminal message, part of your mind 'sees' a mixed couple. Or it does if you havent woken up to their bullshit.

A lot of the propaganda isnt in the foreground. Its the mixed couples in the background. Or that classic - a scene in a supermarket with a black middle class, two parent family walking by behind the main action. See - black men dont abandon their kids you racist!

Tresa Wildman said...

I thought the Asian man was an insurance salesman the first time I saw the commercial, do I really did not see a point for this discussion.

Anonymous said...

What a dumb post. (-_-)