Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, July 8, 2013

San Francisco Asian Airways Boeing 777 Crash Landing: COTT Called It: Pilot Error

This plane, which took off from China and made a stop in South Korea, was piloted by, and 95% filled with, people who up until 1943 would have been legally barred from entering the United States at all, under a pesky little provision of American immigration law enacted in 1882. 

The crash landing of this Boeing 777 reveals two unfortunate realities: namely that (1) air travel as a globalized system of cheap and easy international migration expedites the Population Replacement Project from the Turd and Developing (hehe) World into the First World (read: Western, um, White World); and (2) that non-Western beneficiaries of Western technology such as modern aviation will never be as at high a level of technological advancement as the cultures that gifted them that technology in the first place.

Read up on Father Matteo Ricci if you still think that Asian and Western cultures are of equivalency.

When this Boeing 777 crash-landed at SFO,  I knew right away that it was pilot error that brought it down. Before this incident, the B777 had never been involved in an incident resulting in a fatality.

If tomorrow all International Air Travel were halted and forever, I would dance a little jig. A miniscule delay of just five days (by ship) to get there, instead of the unnatural 8 hours it takes to fly from America to Europe, would seem a small price to pay, were the dividend an end to literally tens of thousands of non-euros from around the world landing in American "international" airports every single day [btw: there are about one hundred and fifty international airports in the USA].

International air travel was a good idea in the beginning; but like most of the Best Things Developed in the West (um, electricity, internal combustion, antibiotics)... it seems increasingly true that Western innovation has become the sharpest chisel in the tool box of the West's own demise.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Just wait until the givesmedat crowd and affirmative action crowd starts flying this countries' airliners. That ought to bring the world travel to a quick halt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah pilot error was that airline committing the error of making that person a pilot.

By the way what ever happened to that wuss Incogman?