Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, July 8, 2011

Today Space Shuttle Flight 135 Blasted Off: T'was The End of A Glorious Era In Human Achievement, Yet The Freaks At the NYT Chose Instead To Feature On Their Front Page This:

8 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
"South Sudan, The Newest Nation, Is Full of Hope and Problems"

With nary a mention of the Shuttle's Last Mission (except in the back pages of the national section, with a few pictures of an old white guy in his trailer selling space memorabilia - I shit yee not. (See below*). This is how evil and twisted these sick swine at the Times truly are).

For those of you who don't get the symbolism of this reporting, I think there may not be any hope for you.

Here we have one of the most momentous days in Western Civilization, namely:  the last flight of the Space Shuttle, discontinued for budgetary reasons. 

As others have said: you can have a space program, or you can have a social justice campaign, but not both. (Hat tip B.K.).

Shame on you NYT for portraying Africa as the future, and 1960s-era engineering and the spaceflight miracle it brought the world, as something that is passé.

To the sad, delusional little pussies at the New York Times, this is the future they have made, and the future they are imposing upon us all :

Sudanese Chirren During Independence Day Exercises - NYT-Approved√
Nowhere in this blaring front-page article of The New York Times do the self-hating pointy-headed population-replacement diversity-enforcing reality contortionists there, even allude for one single second to the reality of what is Stone-Age Africa in general, and north/south Sudan in particular, in the calculus of the modern world today: namely, that the MOST notable thing about the north-south Sudanese divide (due to take place on Saturday), is that like the creation of the country itself, like the actual size of the population of the country itself, like EVERY other thing about this country - down to the organization of the election that resulted in its partition and the financing of said election, down to the very existence of the chirren you see in the photo above - EVERY single thing about the destiny of this country was the DIRECT result of Western intervention.


The Times will not touch this reality with a ten-foot pole.

The children in the photo above - God bless em', you know they're cute - were only born ten years or so ago, because their parents were enabled to themselves be born and then to survive on white Western food aid.

The population of Africa has EXPLODED since 1980, to ONE BILLION SOULS from half that in 30 short years.

Do you, humble COTT reader, really think that the Africans themselves are industrious enough to create the food and other infrastructure it takes to DOUBLE an entire continent's population in a mere 30 years?

Of course you don't.

Virtually every single 10 year-old African child alive today is alive because of Western policy, period. How moral or immoral such Western policy is, we at COTT are not enlightened enough to know.

However, we at COTT can observe with relative assuredness, that while the population of Africa explodes due to clueless white Western intervention, there is an equal and proportionate tendency among DWLs in the West, to assume that because the population of Africa is going up Up UP, and that the native population of Europe is going down Down DOWN, that this means that the future belongs to Africa.

If you look at some debates from different European Green parties on this topic, for example, you will see what I am talking about. (I will post links to some of these debates later.)

In the meantime: try Googling Nicolas HULOT for starters. This guy is like a 21st century Jacques Cousteau, but without the political brains (perhaps he's just a political opportunist, which is what most of the high-profile Western PC crowd turn out to be anyway - such is the strength of PC dogma in terms of career survivability).

Like a lot of poor deluded French liberals, he claims to be convinced that "the South has always financed the North, and not the other way around."

This poor Hulot - who some say might make a run at the French presidency (God knows DSK opened up the door for the most wacky of the lot) is the uber-clueless liberal type, with a straight face apparently unshakeable in his belief that Africa (A) has been exploited (as opposed to developed) by the West and (B) is the future, because its people demographically will soon outnumber the rest of the West.

Folks, there really is no cure for stupidity. Especially when it comes from delusional white liberals.

All I can say is: thanks God for the internet. (and Kelly)


*They could have published the most amazing photos of the Space Shuttle Program's 30-year journey. You KNOW that the New York Times has MILLIONS of Space Shuttle photos available in their archive. Instead the sick, hateful little weasles at Amerika's newspaper of record chose to print only this, on the Shuttle's Last Day :

End Of An Era - NYT-Approved√


Anonymous said...

I heard it too: a nation can have a space program, or a negro population.

We chose to go with the negro population, apparently.

Sad. bro. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Holy Christ I was thinking the exact same thing !!!

Anonymous said...

God fuck em' I HATE the New York Times!

You are so right! Not a word abut the glories of the American Space Shuttle PRogram on its last day.

What a Screaming, Crying Shame!!!!

Shame on You, New York Times !


Anonymous said...

Are these lib cunts aware they still burn witches in Africa?