Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sneaky As Always, The Times Slides One Past Us Again, This Time In The "Homes and Interiors" Section

I wanted a little escape today from the usual bad news percolating throughout America, the West and the World in general, so instead of diving headlong into section A of today's (Thursday June seventh's) national print edition of the New York Times, I decided instead to go take a looky-look at their intriguingly (yet of course deceptively) quaint and soothing feature story of a designer house-on-a-hill recently built in Nova Scotia. This "Home" feature was even advertised at the bottom of the front page of Thursday's Times, beckoning all good readers like myself who wished to know a little more to venture on over to Section D to check it out for themselves.

People: how can the New York Times get away with being such sneaky little f*ckers? We all know about their NWO population replacement agenda;  we all know that their biggest priority is "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable" (translation: prioritizing a [perceived] global social justice campaign over simple and honest reporting of the news); we all know that the New York Times is not so much about reporting, as it is about proselytizing, misinforming, and furthering an agenda....

Nevertheless, the thieving sneaky ways of these pointy-headed elites will never cease to amaze me.

In "A Cape of Many Colors*," we have what appears at first glance to be a harmless "Homes and Interiors" feature on some fancy house in the countryside.

≈ (Sound of game show "X" buzzer ) ≈  


Upon closer inspection, things get ever-so-weirder, and sneakier, and subliminal, in this otherwise innocuous piece about a nice place of American-designed country living in Canada.

In fact, the pointy-headed diversity-enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of rekord are so good at what they do, that I can guarantee you that any normal person who read this article (which is a propaganda plant, make no mistake), will come away feeling guilty, hateful and bigoted. Exactly the effect that the reality contortionists at the Times were seeking to achieve with this psychological slash-and-burn puff piece all along.

Here's why:

Below is the main photo associated with "A Cape Of Many Color*," published Thursday July 7th on the front page of the New York Times' Home Section D:

{*yes: the very title of this piece is subliminally suggestive }

Now, take a good look at this photo. If you're like me (which I hope to God you are not, for your sake), and you're seeing this for the first time, I know you've got to be wondering: "WTF is going on with this picture? Why does barefoot white dude from LA have a child whose head, in this photo, is a perfect oval of swarthy Obama-style questionability?"

Already the discomfort is there, brewing over from the intentional ambiguity. "Why," you may begin to ask yourself, "am I questioning whether the poor innocent child in this photo is the biological offspring of the man featured?"

Then you go on, thinking deep down: "No, it can't be. Maybe the guy's kid just hasn't had a haircut in a while?" Or: "Okay, maybe he's married to an African American woman - we know how much the Times adores mixed race couples. Maybe that's it?"

But the unease is there, even before you thumb through to the remainder of the article, to find out what the fudge is really going on.

The answer is of course that the kid is adopted. Here's the photo that proves it :

Of course the Times makes absolutely no mention of the (perfectly pertinent) fact that this couple, in their amazing Nova Scotia spread, have an adopted child.

If you think that the Times does not do these things on purpose, you are either living in denial or Detroit.

The whole point of this Homes and Interiors article was to make you feel this way.

Don't feel bad as I did for feeling this way: the fact is, that the New York Times, and the pointy-headed elites that conspire to print it every day, wanted exactly this kind of reaction out of you, the normal Westernized reader somewhat aghast at the institutionalized population-replacement agenda that is underway throughout the world, thanks to the sick creatures at such institutions of public policy as the NYT.

Also, please do keep in mind the double outsider mind-twist psyche of this whole piece: the Times intentionally chose to feature a middle-aged American white couple, with an adopted African (or african american) toddler, flying a kite no less, in their vacation house built not in the USA ('they wanted to build in Maine, but found it over "developed"') but in Canada - that most foreign of Foreigner Places !

Yes COTT readers: this shit is not only intentional, it is part of a master plan. A Master Plan of mind-numbing evil, cynicism, and Darkness.

Make no mistake: the New York Times, Amerika's official newspaper of record, will stop at nothing to institute their propagandized agenda.


The New York Times: Exploiting American Stupidity Since 1905.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should publish this: I to saw this on the the front page of the NYT. The first I thought was "WTF, why does that kid have such a big head?"

Sure enough, upon closer inspection (I picked up a used copy of the Jew York Times here in Morristown - I never pay for it myself)... I leafed through to confirm my suspicions.

It is simply disgusting how fucking sneaky the Jew bastards at the New York Times are. Jeeeeesus !!

Anonymous said...

Look at the kite. It has a monkey body and a white mans head.