Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DSK Accuser and the New York Times: When an Asylum-Cheating, Ghetto-Lottery Playing, Guinean Whore Gets Caught Red Handed, The Times Favors Ideology Over Reality, and Simple Fairness

What is wrong with these people at Amerika's newspaper of record?


The results are in and it's pretty clear to see: the DSK accuser is clearly a lowlife, multiple-criminal, and yet the Times still defends her, relentless:

"Before You Judge, Stand in Her Shoes"

"Still a Case for Trying Strauss-Kahn"

"Strauss Kahn Lawyers and Prosecution to Discuss Possible Dismissal or Plea"

From the first article, "Before You Judge," which appeared in the op-ed section of today's national edition, we have Times communist Mike McGovern getting particularly weasily on us. His argumentation goes basically like this :

Guinea is a poor and wretched place; its residents deserve to live better (i.e. in the West); this DSK accuser was a Guinean resident; Guinea is rich in natural resources, in particular Bauxite, which is used to make aluminum; Americans and Westerners use aluminum pots and pans; therefore we should forgive this woman not only for lying about DSK, but on her asylum application, and forgive her completely.

Think I'm being unfair with this summary of McGovern's weasle-fest? Think again:

From the article :

I like the part about Western companies getting the blame for doing the mining of Bauxite in Guinea, as if armies of African engineers in hardhats were lined up with blueprints under their arms and Texas Instruments calculators in their shirt pockets just dying to dig the mines that he claims are being unfairly exploited by the West. 

Somebody needs to tell this little pussy that as the West gets vilified for building virtually every single kilometer of roadway and every structure higher than a single story in Africa, the Chinese with their total disregard for human rights are plowing away into the Dark Continent, and could not give two fucks about the blacks or their wittle fweelings. 

God I hate these revisionist faggots from Yale ! 

Whereas in a sane society the obvious reaction to the preposterous crimes of this usurping false-accusing whore from Africa would be criminal charges followed by deportation, instead we have the whiny one-worlder "minorities can do no wrong" reality fugitives at the New York Times concluding the affair thusly: 

The New York Times: Getting Africa Wrong Since 1866

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What's amazing to me is that in the miles of inch column written about this fascinating affair, not one newspaper has called so far for this lying usurping african asylum cheat of a dirty whore to be criminally charged then deported.

Would that not be, in a sane society, the logical conclusion to such a preposterous succession of crimes on her part?

The ever-horny DSK obviously worked out a deal for her to suck him off for cashola, and things went badly soon after she swallowed.

Perhaps he only had euros on him?, and she refused to take a credit card.

Of course, if it went any other way then it would be a masterpiece of statistical rarity: the Department of Justice reports that black males rape about 35,000 white women every year in the US; while white males rape fewer than 10 negro females