Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Almost Embarrassed for the Sniveling Little NWO Quislings at the New York Times: Their Hatred for the Catholic Church Is So All-Consuming, That They Fail To Realize How Stupid and Bigoted They Look By Publishing Some Of This Crap

11 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
As we have seen, the verminous little cretins at Amerika's newspaper of Record will attack the Catholic Church for months, even years on end, whenever it suits their purposes.

New York Times journalistos will use the Church (and Christianity, more broadly) for positive effect when doing so can make adherence to the church's strictures of discipline and decency make certain minority groups (blacks and Hispanics, anyone?) appear to look more responsible than they really are.

But otherwise, the Times will go after and seek to slander and libel the Catholic Church with all the New-Age verve of a modern inquisition, relentlessly and unstoppingly printing story after irrelevant story about some horny priest who felt up some stupid altar boy half a century ago. 

Never mind of course the indisputable fact that the Catholic Church - as staid, boring, unhip and chock-a-block clogged with perverts of an institution as it may appear to be - is hands down from a civilization-building point of view one of the greatest doers of good the world has ever seen. 

Go anywhere in rural Africa today, and the only place that you are going to find the light of civilization is at the Catholic Mission. (Please see this tale of an amazing journey through all of the Dark Continent by two intrepid young Belgian travelers: radiobaobab.be. Be sure to explore the whole site, as there are photos of parts of Africa that have not been visitied by the modern world in decades). 

The Catholic Church has a few pervs in its ranks, for sure. And yet, there is no other organization on the face of the planet that has done more to uplift starving third worlders than the Church. 

Not One ! 

And yet the disgusting, disingenuous, hateful little fuckers at the New York Times INSIST on keeping the "Church Abuse Scandal" alive no matter what. For the past year - nay, for the past two years and more - every single fucking day, the sick, demented little pussies at the Times have been publishing a "Church Abuse Scandal" puff piece. 

Today was no exception, with "Accusations of Abuse By Priest Dating to Early 1940s" published on page A18 of today's national edition. 

What is noteworthy about today's variation on the Times' usual Christianity-bashing theme, is that they outdid themselves by insisting on dropping all claims to relevance, much like a Spanish Inquisition would have done in the Middle Ages. 

For Chrissakes, the perfidy of the church-bashing bigots at the Times is exposed in the very titel of the story!! : 

As though all that were not enough, further investigation reveals that the crimes of this since long-dead horny priest, were sooo much more worse, because they were allegedly perpetrated against some very cute and very fuzzy and very innocent Arizona-based taco bunnies, more than sixty years ago!!

Surriously, when will this insanity stop? 

When will the world wake up to the terrible, cynical, dark and perfidious assembly of lies that prints every day acres and acres of column-inches screaming total, absolute un-truths? 

When, I ask you? 


The New York Times:  Pissing Me Off Even Though I Really Don't Care Since 2004. 


Anonymous said...

At the same time, they sure love those african refugees the Catholic Charitees dumps on our traditional American small towns, don't they?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Okay, why did the letters at the bottom I had to fill in just now read "hater"? (snicker)