Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Andrew Breitbart : "What's In Your Closet, John Podesta?"

Reminder : back in 2010, Amerika's "newspaper of record" went absolutely berserk with glee and enthusiasm for, and adoration of, Julian Assange and his Wikileaks Organization.

Why ?

Because six years ago the vermin at the NYT were convinced that they had proof-positive evidence of Bush-era war crimes, with that first really big batch of leaked diplomatic cables WL released back in 2010 (by Private Chelsea Manning, the freak show US Army intelligence operative who got bitch slapped with a 35-year prison sentence, and who is now - while incarcerated - being allowed / enabled by the US government to "transition" via hormone therapy into becoming a woman. For the love of Christ and all that is holy how is it possible that this level of depravity has become mainstream in the USA ?).

Do you remember how insanely extensive the MSM coverage of those Wikileaks was back then ?

It was - to borrow a phrase - "Yuuuuuge"

If you are a normal rational person who follows the news when you have time to do so, you will probably remember the "money shot" that emerged from the 2010 massive WikiLeaks Data dump, namely the classified U.S. Air Force video footage of an Apache helicopter gun ship crew firing on a bunch of Iraqis on the ground, two of whom turned out to be employed by Reuters.

Remember that ?

"Collateral Murder," they called it :


(for some reason Youtube won't let me embed this video).

Everybody remembers that, Right?

Assange and his Wikileaks were like the Second Coming of Christ for the verminous beta pussies at the NYT and the MSM in general.


So what does this tell us at this point in time ?

Answer: the New York Times themselves legitimized WikiLeaks back in 2010, when it suited their agenda to do so.

I mean the 2010 embrace of Wikileaks by the "anti-establishment" legacy media of the NYT, The Guardian of London, the newspaper "Le Monde" in France, and even Der Spiegel in Germany, all of these sickening transparent traitors of these mainstream publications six years ago just loved Loved LOVED Wikileaks, because it confirmation-biased their agenda. Which in a nutshell screams : Bush Bad ; USA Bad ; West Bad ; Whitey bad.

How else can I say it ?

Answer : there is no other way.

These disgusting legacy media lugenpresse frauds have been exposed for the sick satanic enablers that they truly are.


Okay so all that was a little over a decade ago.

Back then your mainstream media was telling you : Wikileaks Good. Wikileaks, Sehr Gut.


So we fast forward about a decade, literally, and the vermin at the NYT all of a sudden no longer find it convenient to say : "Wikileaks revelations good."


Because the John Podesta emails bomb dropped by Wikileaks mere days before the US presidential election, tells us a totally, completely different story.

A story that is so bizarre, and so weird, that the average individual is simply not going to be able to process the information that is being revealed.

Namely :

The Podesta emails by Wikileaks have not been debunked by the MSM. The SCUM at the MSM outlets that feed the sheeple are counting on the powerful psy-co freakout option known as "Cognitive Dissonance" : Which means : you're seeing and hearing one thing, one set of extremely convincing arguments, via facts and events that are easily verified, and cross-reference friendly.

But that public has been lied to so unabashedly for so long, that it is extremely difficult for all but the most intelligent, and most free-thinking independent researchers, to dig down deep into the bunny hole to get to the truth.

Pizza Gate is real.

Pizza Gate is real.

Pizza Gate is real.

Let me repeat :

Pizza Gate is real.

Show me proof that it is not.

Why do the John Podesta emails revealed by Wikileaks contain  over one hundred and fifty references to "pizza" ?

Why is this sickening pervert James Alefantis mentioned multiple times in the Podesta emails?

Why did Hillary Clinton herself send a letter to James Alefantis thanking him for doing a fundraiser at Comet Ping Pong and Pizza that generated over 40k$ in cash for Hillary's prez campaign?

Why did a random pizza shop owner named James Alefantis visit the White House on five separate occasions, including at least once when he met with Obama personally?

Why do John and Tony Podesta have an art collection in plain site in their homes that clearly makes incredibly weird and creepy references to child bondage?

Why did NPR interview Alefantis with soft-ball questions about the Pizza Gate Scandal ?

Why did Alefantis claim on National Public Radio that the sickening photos published on his personal Comet Pizza business Instagram account before it went private, that the disgusting and incredibly bizarre photos he uploaded to that account were nothing but innocent, fun loving kids playing around in his pizza / ping pong joint?

Why is this sickening individual being given a free pass by the MSM to explain away the most incredibly disturbing photos of child bondage that were brought to light by the scandal, on National Public Radio FFS?

Why is the NYT, the Washington Post and practically every other "official" news source in America discounting the incredibly weird images that the Wikileaks Podesta emails brought to light?

Why do Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza have clear and obvious pedophile imagery on their menus and social media pages, images that the FBI themselves TEN YEARS AGO in an unclassified bulletin plainly stated are used as pedophile code symbols?

Why do John and Tony Podesta have super creepy pedophile-themed artwork in their homes, in plain sight?

Why did George Soros make five-figure donations to Comet Ping Pong and Pizza?

Why is the "performance artist" Marina Abromovic inviting John Podesta to "Spirit Cooking" dinners at his home and elsewhere (reminder: I had never heard of this disgusting woman before the vermin at the New York Times reported on her with adoration over the course of the past couple of years) ?

Why is Tony Podesta and his wife Heather's favorite piece of art - according to a major Washington DC glossy news magazine - a headless golden sculpture hanging from the ceiling in their DC home by deceased French artist Louise Bourgeois entitled "The Arch of Hysteria", which is for all practical purposes an almost exact replica of the sick and twisted work of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmler? ;

What the fuck is going on here?

Why is a former Huff Po reporter David Seaman getting shut down gradually by youtube for telling the truth about Pizza Gate in an extremely cogent, well-researched manner?

In sum : what the fuck is going on here?

Answer: something big.

Possibly the biggest scandal in the history of Mankind is being unravelled by independent researchers like David and others, far more intelligent, far more organized than myself.

The same l├╝genpress that lied about the Population Replacement agenda behind Fraulein Merkel's open-door policy to millions of twenty-something frisky rapey muslim males from the Third World being allowed to flood into Germany last year and make four out of five - or is it more like nine out of ten - normal Germans feel like strangers in their own country, is  not something that is happening by accident.

This is planned.

This is desired (by the elites).

This is predictive programming of the most sinister, sickening Order we have ever seen in our lifetimes.

And: It. Is. Not. Going. To. End. Well.

Jean Raspail (Camp of the Saints) was right.

Eunoch Powell ("Rivers of Blood"speech) was right.

YKW was right.

None of this is happening by accident. Kalergi Coudenhove was one who wrote - in part - the groundwork for this disgusting transformation of the West, into a gigantic hodgepodge of multi-ethnic, feminist-fueled conflict.


The West if confused right now - corrupted from within by traitors on the inside of the Gates.

Something big is about to happen.


Stay tuned.

Stay vigilant.

Fight the good fight.

- Arturo

 lying comma scum at the NYT and their diabolical "l├╝genpress"

Therefore: the New York Times themselves tells us that WikiLeaks is legit.

Article entitled : "Why did Le Monde publish wikileaks documents?"

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