Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The College Course Required Reading "Open Veins" - The Anti-Capitalist (Read: 'Anti-European') Leftist Bible That Was Gifted To Obama By Pineapple Head Hugo Chavez Hisself In 2009, Gets Denounced By The Very Man Who Wrote It - Urugayan Ex-Leftist Edouardo Galeano - And The Vermin At The New York Times Suggest The Man Has Brain Damage

Sunday 25 May MMXIV
Funny the way that impossibly stupid, politically correct doctrine systematically gets undone by logic, science, and a careful, non-emotional assessment of the facts. Eventually.

It does take time, though.

Witness for example the absolutely repugnant Stephan J. Gould and the undoing of his 1981 tome "Mismeasure of Man," which was required reading in every classroom of 'higher education' in America until it was proven grossly unfounded (and even dishonest) by a team from Stamford in 2011.

The same goes for the equally (to "Mismeasure") disgusting "Guns Germs and Steel," by sickening best-selling propagandist Jared Diamond.

The disinformation out there is so thick and so ubiquitous that it seems often it can hardly be cut with a machete. What goes for SOP in academia and the government-media complex today is decided by a tiny network of elites who impose disgusting lies upon the masses.

It is a sickening state of affairs, but since about 2008 or so, it has started to become interesting. As cracks have started to seriously appear in the giant facade of lies that has been erected and kept gleaming in the krieg lights, since 1945.

Since 2008? Why?

Well, among other things, 2008 was the year that watching television on one's computer became commonplace. And with this new wellspring of alternative, non-controlled viewing, came access to an unfiltered approach to the truth and what was really going on in the world. Many who in 2008 were confused by the election of the mysterious and seemingly nonsensical figure pictured below on the left, have gained insight directly as a result of the "televised" internet revolution that started in about 2008.

How many of you reading this blog saw that record numbers of "unaccompanied minors" are currently being held in Texas, at Lackland Air Force Base? So far this year, some sixty thousand "Dreamers" under the age of 18 from Central America have streamed across the US border. Last year at this time, their numbers were below one-tenth of that. Coincidence?


The carefully constructed facade  is beginning to crumble. We can only hope that it is not too late.

Elections for the European Parliament are happening as we type this. Already the System is aghast that the delightful little program they dreamed up called the European Union is facing resistance, in Britain (UKIP) and in France (Front National). It will be interesting to see how "euro-sceptic" parties score when the votes are tallied on Sunday.


But we digress: the point of today's COTT post is a delightful little article that appeared on page One of the Arts Section of today's national print edition, entitled "Author Changes His Mind on 70s Manifesto."

Apparently this Eduardo Galeano character wrote a violently anti-capitalist (read: anti-European) screed back in the early 70s. Below is a pic of pineapple-head Hugo Chavez offering a copy of "Open Veins" to The Fraudulent One in 2009, shortly after Stanley Anne's bastard child was placed into the White House by Satan and his Minions.

So I guess the vermin at the New York Times had no choice but to report in today's print edition, that the lionized lefty Galeano - now 73 - came out and admitted that he had been Mugged By Reality, and realized today that his Blame Poverty On (euro) Oppression mindset from four decades prior was deeply, deeply stupid. Naive. Juvenile.



One has to at least give the commies at Amerika's newspaper of record credit for quoting this guy  in the article :

But the reality is that the vermin at the New York Times will continue to endorse the anti-capitalist, anti-white values espoused in Galeano's book, the same values that have been preached in American college classrooms for about 45 years now.

Though they quoted one dissenter in their article (above), the take-home message is that their old anti-capitalist friend Eduardo Galeano is simply old, and possibly has dementia.

From the article :

Mr. Yates said Mr. Galeano might simply be following in the tracks of the novelist John Dos Passos, a radical as a young man “who became a conservative when he got older.” On Spanish- and Portuguese-language websites, others have suggested that Mr. Galeano, who in recent years has had both a heart attack and cancer, might simply be off his game intellectually.

The New York Times: In A Sane Society, There Would Be Tanks Parked Outside Their Front Doors On 42 Street, At This Point... 

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