Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, May 15, 2014

NYT: First Female Ever Editor Jill Abramson Is Out ; First African American Ever Editor Dean Baquet (No, NOT Basquiat) Takes The Lady's Place

It's funny, today's front-page below-the-fold frump-piece on the firing of Times Editor in Chief Jill Abramson contained not a word on the leftoid-psychotron direction Amerika's newspaper of record has been going in for the past few years.

The New York Times is an incredibly corrupt, sickening institution that basks in its own innate evilness.

The Times wants white males out Out OUT and it makes no qualms about hiding this satanic agenda, cloaking it as they do under the de Blasio-esque cover of universal progressiveism (status-whoring on steroids).

Today, the Times announced on the front page of their national edition that Sulzy Junior himself fired female NYT editor Jill Abramson who, when placed AA-style into the position in 2011, was upheld by the commie-sickos at the Grey Lady as an affirmation of the progressive (read: anti-euro male) ethos of the Free World's newspaper of record.

So Jill Abramovitz, after no doubt whining about equal pay for skirts, got bumped aside by Sulzy himself who favored a more "diverse" farce for the New York Times' newsroom.

Giving us instead, Dean Baquet (No, NOT Basquiat) :

An "African American" with obviously more European ancestry than Obamo hisself, Baquet used to work for the New Orleans Times Picayune (of all places).

So the New York Times, at a time when they are clearly nervous about their declining ability to mass-brainwash thinking Americans, is getting desperately desperate. Clearly.

This of course has happened before in the early Oughts, when the New York Times in a desperate effort to broadcast a more "diverse" image, signed on young AA hire Jayson Blair, American Negro Journalist at Large.

Blair of course went on to smear the reputation of the Gray Lady worse than anything or anyone in the paper's entire long and mostly illustrious history.


Buzz Feed published a hilarious internal memo from the NYT today that exposes the institutional lack of adaptability to the Digital Age that is supposedly the core problem behind the paper's decline. In 96 excrutiating pages, not one word on how the paper's non-stop coverage of gay marriage, global warming, and generally anti-white Euro male stories might just night have something to do with its declining readership. You can read the report here.


The New York Times is a sick and diseased institution; in a sane society, a subversive anti-humanist publication of its ilk would be the target of court-mandated scrutiny and general public scorn.

But in a society where the Donald Silverstein / Clippers saga is reported in the controlled media 24/7 for weeks on end and with the total connivance of that society's official so-called newspaper of record, clearly healthy popular pushback is still a ways away.

The New York Times: Nation-Wrecking From The Expensive Seats, Since 1896.


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Anonymous said...

Some typos, but otherwise excellent NYT-bashing, as usual.

Keep it up.

The New York Times must perish (to paraphrase Theo Newman Kaufman's 1933 seminal study of YKW-anti-euro sentiment.