Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, May 16, 2014

Live From the COTT Newsroom : NYT Poster-Child For "Progress," Openly-Sodomite African American NFL Draftee Michael Sam French Kisses His Scrawny Jewish Boyfriend On National TV...

...and the vermin in the controlled media bust out the balloons and the party hats.

With the New York Times leading the pack. 

What is going on here?

How is it that such in-your-face diversity decadence has become such an unstoppable force in the USA?

Answer: the Usual Suspects.


Meanwhile: the dark, sinister little weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record rejoice that a new taxpayer-funded AIDS-prevention drug - Truvada - is on the verge of liberating gay men in America from having to wear condoms, so that they can bare-back each other uninhibited by sanitary concerns. As if this were some great achievement.

"AIDS Group Backs Anti-H.I.V. Pill Amid Concerns Doctors And Patients Will Resist"

From the article :
"Many men expressed relief that they now could give up using condoms. “Truvada feels a bit like having a monkey off my back — for the first time in my entire sexual life I have the ability to be uninhibited and intimate with the man I love and am married to,” said John, a semiretired lawyer in San Francisco who asked that his last name not be used because his in-laws did not know that his husband was infected. “I didn’t think I’d see something like this in my lifetime.”

In the diseased, nation-wrecking - nay, CIVILization-Wrecking - eyes of the New York Times,  this  is what they claim constitutes progress.


Here's the scary part : as with the reaction to NYT Science Correspondent Nicholas Wade's new book "A Troubled Inheritance," the Establishment pushback against popular outcry voiced by the vermin at the New York Times is based not on naiveté, but on pure, hate-filled evil.

IOW: the people who write for the Times know full-well what they are doing. They are not naive in claiming for example that a Pigmentocracy exists in India (see today's NYT above-the-fold front page feature puff piece on Indian Politics) :

"Hopes of a Restless Generation Are Riding On India's Elections"

It is nothing less than taqqiya with a liberalized, Western-ized, Juda-ized slant.

As the self-proclaimed defender of the "afflicted," the New York Times has taken their war against the "comfortable" way, Way too far.

Pushback against the NYT is inevitable; we can only hope that it will be swift, irreversible, and permanent.

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