Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Grand Remplacement In Diabolical Acceleration: A Kwik Look At The First Two Births Of 2014 In France

Get ready to get bummed : 

The first newborn in France this year is sneakily named "Maria" by the French press. 

I had a sneaky feeling that this was some kind of sick and cynical diversion, and sure enough, Maria's parents are named Siwar and Ahmed. 


Here is a photo of the little islamic bundle of joy : 

 Here is a photo of Maria's father :




France's second birth of the New Year comes to us from Nantes - a city which is technically in Britanny, the land of hardy seafarers, striped blue-and-white mariners' sweaters, and dramatic lighthouses on the Atlantic coast. 

Here is a photo of little Milina, her parents Likiba and Nabelle, and her three siblings : 

Li'l Milina et Famille of Bretagne 
We're pretty sure that the psychopaths in the French media will be equally enthused when this African mother produces another four to six little Milina's - whose middle name is "Madiba" no less, in homage to the great man from South Africa - just to keep up with her high-fertility neighbours. 

Non-white births started outnumbering indigenous French births as far back as 2010. 

What this means is that every year that number is going to keep increasing - I would not be surprised if non-whites comprised 65% of all "French" newborns in 2014, a figure that is, hélas, irrecoverable. 

Days of terrible mediocrity await not just France, but Europe in general, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. 

It is a sad, depressing state of affairs. 

The New York Times: Making The Great Replacement Possible, And Cheering It On, Since 1896. 

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