Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, January 3, 2014

As A White Blizzard Barrels Down On NYC, Wilhelm Warren Jr. aKa Billy De Blasio With His Five-Years-His-Senior Lesbian Wife Who Happens To Be African And His Two Hybrid-African Hybrid Chirren Hunker Down For What Will Likely Be The Most-Watched, Most Stupidest Mayoral Tenure In All Of New Amsterdam History

Friday  January 3rd MMXIV
The vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record have a hard-on for this filthy little status-whoring worm Billy de Blasio aKa Warren Wilhelm Jr. like we have not seen since the days of the equally inept, race and class-divisionist David Dinkins dare I utter his detestable name .. ?

Billy de Blasio is the worst kind of human out there - a six-foot five Aryan from praiseworthy heritage who chooses to take a dump in the proverbial genetic punch bowl, then spend his entire life endeavouring to raise up and advocate for his human lesser-privileged.

It is almost amazing that W. Wilhelm Jr. is not a member of the Tribe, because he has devoted himself so thoroughly to out-Tribe Uplift that the wording of his entire political playbook seems almost suspiciously lifted from the playbook of Our Friends the You Know Who, the greatest Playbook Writers in the Short History of the Twentieth Century.

Hail, Billy de Blasio, aka Wilhelm Warren Jr.: the liberals, the envious, the mediocre have given you a mandate to thoroughly eff-up a great American metropolis.

Please commence, so we can start chronicling the Fiasco.

The New York Times: Waiting For A De Blasio, Since 1896.

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