Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, January 13, 2014

FDR's Depression-Era WPA (Work Projects Administration) "Slave Narratives" : Definitive Proof That Slavery Werent So Darnded Bads After Alls

Monday  13th January 2013 
FDR's Work Project Administration's "Slave Narratives (1933-1939)" : An Absolute Must-Read

From the Library of Congress Record, a sample from Georgia:

Sample Interview From Georgia

Ex-slave, 78 years.

"Dey says I wuz jes fo' years ole when de war wuz over, but I sho' does
member dat day dem Yankee sojers come down de road. Mary and Willie
Durham wuz my mammy and pappy, en dey belong ter Marse Spence Durham at
Watkinsville in slav'ry times."

"When word cum dat de Yankee sojers wuz on de way, Marse Spence en his
sons wuz 'way at de war. Miss Betsey tole my pappy ter take en hide de
hosses down in de swamp. My mammy help Miss Betsey sew up de silver in
de cotton bed ticks. Dem Yankee sojers nebber did find our whitefolks'
hosses and deir silver."

"Miss Marzee, she wuz Marse Spence en Miss Betsey's daughter. She wuz
playin' on de pianny when de Yankee sojers come down de road. Two sojers
cum in de house en ax her fer ter play er tune dat dey liked. I fergits
de name er dey tune. Miss Marzee gits up fum de pianny en she low dat
she ain' gwine play no tune for' no Yankee mens. Den de sojers takes her
out en set her up on top er de high gate post in front er de big house,
en mek her set dar twel de whole regiment pass by. She set dar en cry,
but she sho' ain' nebber played no tune for dem Yankee mens!"

"De Yankee sojers tuk all de blankets offen de beds. Dey stole all de
meat dey want fum de smokehouse. Dey bash in de top er de syrup barrels
en den turn de barrels upside down."


For more Library of Congress Slave Narratives, go here. 
An example of what you'll find : 

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