Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Did Somebody Give Michelle Obama A Writing Job ?


Black Children Should Be Home-schooled; Here’s Why

by Yolanda Spivey 

Experts are stating that homeschooling for most Black children may be the best alternative to public schooling. While children of all racial backgrounds suffer from a plethora of problems as it relates to going to public schools, racism is a main reason why Black children benefit the most from being schooled at home.  In a recent study conducted by Antonio Buehler, a homeschooling expert, he identified the top reasons why Black children will benefit from homeschooling more than any other ethnic group. Here they are:

1. Politicians sacrifice the black community over and over again.
The Black community continues to be worse off than other racial groups in America.  Due to the flawed and deliberate destructive government policies, Blacks suffer from high incarceration and poverty rates.
2. Public schools are still segregated.
Black and Latino children schools are the worst in the country.  A study showed that more than 50% of Black students drop out of high school which is disastrous because as adults, they usually find themselves in economic poverty or in prison.
3. Public schools expect less from black students.
It’s expected for Black children to have a low performance rate in schools compared to their White counterparts.  The American dream usually does not apply to Black children and instead, they are constantly not treated equally in society which often affects them in the public school arena.
4. Private schools are not a solution.
Most private schooling still have stereotypes against Black children. If a family is socioeconomically depressed they will go to private school through a scholarship or voucher program, and throwing a financially depressed child into a rich school often has its own problems.
5. Homeschooling solves a huge number of educational problems for black kids.
Homeschooling is quite beneficial when it comes to Black children.  It allows them to develop their own individualistic ideals and gives them self-worth. Antonio Buehler states, “When they learn to read they can do so in a way that is relevant to them, and not in a way that is prescribed by bureaucrats and special interest lobbyists. When they learn math they don’t have to deal with a teacher who assumes the least of them. When they study history, Black children can learn about all the inspirational men and women who aren’t prioritized in the Euro-centric curriculum of public schools. Instead of being told how stupid they are or how little is expected of them, they can be free to develop their unique talents to the best of their abilities.”

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