Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Has The New York Times Become Such A Seething Cauldron Of Racist Hatred For "Ordinary" Americans, and "Ordinary" Westerners Everywhere?

It oozes beneath the black newsprint of absolutely every single word of practically every article published in the New York Times these days : a deep-seated racist hatred for ordinary whites wherever they may be on the planet.

An article on London's Heathrow airport planned expansion gives us this accompanying photograph :

I too had to look twice. This is a photograph that illustrates an article about the biggest airport in England I asked myself?

(Source article : "Expansion Plans For Heathrow Airport Are Grounded For Now")

Yes, of course if you look closely, you will see that the white English children have not been completely airbrushed out of the picture : they are, in fact, and fittingly, at the back of the line, behind their dark-skinned south-east asian future overlords. The British kids share a quizzical expression on their pale faces as if to say : "Wait a minute, we're getting genocide-replaced out of this, too?"


The New York Times is becoming more radical and more evil with every new print issue foisted upon the newsstands, and at great financial loss to the Sulzberger Empire.

It's almost as though they sense the jig is almost up, and are therefore turning up the dial to "11" and beyond in a desperate last cynical fit of nihilistic ethnic hatred.

Why do the sneering journos at the NYT hate ordinary Euros so much?

Anybody? Anyone? (did I see a hand go up in the back of the room?).

In the year 2013, why does the New York Times feel the need to side with criminal ghetto underlife such as the murderous child-criminals portrayed in their front page above-the-fold feature story published today Monday December 2nd, a certain "John D. Bunn," who in 1991 was convicted at the age of 14 of murdering a Rikers Island corrections officer, along with a fellow ghetto accomplice, a one "Rosean Hardgrave," who remains incarcerated.

"For 22 Years, Caught In A Murder Case's Tangled Web", by Times' communist Frances Robles.

The Object Of A Front-Page NYT Sympathy Puff Piece:
Trigger ... Person : John Bunn
This is one of those really-long NYT feature articles - it goes on for a full six pages on NYT.com, and takes up not only a large ATF section of today's front page (the most expensive publishing real estate on planet earth), complete with picture, the article drones on and on for another full page and a half in the National section of today's print edition.

Bunn's Alleged Co-Triggerman,
Murder Convict Rosean Hardgrave 
Here is what is especially funny about this article : the NYT journalist behind it (Frances Robles) practically admits that Bunn and Hardgrave were criminal surplus welfare public housing project scum long before they were fingered by a now-retired NYT super-detective, Louis Scaracella, upon whom the Times along with their communist brethren at the "Innocence Project" have spent considerable energy besmirching over the course of the past year and a half.

Ex NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella: A Made-In-Heaven
Scapegoat For NYT Holy Rollering Minority Uplift 
(A few of the low-blows flung at Detective Scarcella by the vermin at the Times can be seen here.)

If you read "For 22 Years" in its entirety and I hope to God you have better things to do, you will be shocked at how close the Times reporter, this communist Robles, comes to unravelling the deep truth, while always being pulled back as though by the force of an invisible bungee cord, back up high into the lofty oxygen-free place where equalist extreme left-wing dogma prevails. That wishful thinking place in the oxygen-free upper-atmosphere where minorities in general and negroes especially can Do No Wrong.

For example, in his article Robles acknowledges that :

- even at only 14 years old, Bunn had already committed (read: been caught for) many violent crimes ;
- Bunn and Hardgrave enjoyed stealing cars and "joy-riding" in stolen vehicles ;
- Hardgrave, who at 17 was three years older than Bunn at the time of the 1991 murder, was an increasingly violent offender, on a "collision course" said a police source referred to in the article;
- Bunn himself admits that, since being paroled in 2006, he longs for the "order" and the "comfort" of life behind bars.

In case you think I'm kidding about this last part, from the article :
"Mr. Bunn was turned down for parole three times and was released in 2006. However, he failed to report in properly, violating his parole, and was sent back upstate for a year. He was released a second time in 2009.

He is bald with sad eyes now, and a small frame. He drove a reporter around his neighborhood in a borrowed Jaguar and stopped at the crime scene. He pointed out the nearby Granville T. Woods Elementary School in Crown Heights, which he and Mr. Hargrave had attended, though three years apart. He described how Mr. Hargrave would protect his smaller friend from bullies but gave him the occasional wedgie, too. 
Mr. Bunn is still angry with his lawyers. He struggles with anxiety and finds he actually misses the structure of life behind bars. It was there that he learned to read. He works as an assistant to a rap group, and when the group he works for went on tour to Japan this summer, his parole prevented him from going. 
“They pulled the rug out from under us by destroying the DNA that would have proved we were innocent,” he said, making no effort to stop the tears running down his cheeks as he sat at an Applebee’s in Downtown Brooklyn. “Then everybody gave up on us.” 
The Exoneration Initiative, a nonprofit organization in Manhattan that has been investigating the case for two years, now represents Mr. Bunn. “This smacks of a cover-up, and it’s really troubling,” said Mr. Bunn’s lawyer, Glenn A. Garber."
How is it possible for the New York Times to take things to such an outrageous level, you may ask?

How is it possible that Amerika's newspaper of Record consistently reports that Up is Down, that Down is Up, that White is Black, Cold is Hot, Love is Death and Death is Life?

In this ATF (above the fold) front page shocker today, the NYT's Frances Robles all but admits that even if these two ghetto thugs were not really guilty of the 1991 murder they were (wrongly says the NYT) convicted for, that they most likely would have gone on to commit other violent crimes and very likely murder.

The NYT seems to rejoice in defending these worthless, vile, sickening criminal monsters, no matter how sad it is that they are thus.

Do I feel sorry for a cockroach because it was not born a butterfly? For a vulture because it was denied the right to be born an eagle?

The New York Times abhors nature. The NYT despises life itself, for they want to make changes that only a superior entity is capable of.


Here's COTT's humble take on why the vermin at the NYT are upping the auntee on these so-called innocence project cases: the syphillitic reality-reversers at Amerika's newspaper of record are so pumped full of hubris, right now that their pet omega-male-married-to-a-negro lesbian is going to be the new David Dinkins in whiteface in the mayor's mansion, that they realize that they are going to get what they have been clamoring for all along: namely a screeching halt to the Stop and Frisk policies that they hated so much and smeared whenever they could in their (Charles Blow) Op-Ed editorials,  even though S&F slashed the number of (mostly minority) gun murders in the city astronomically, and even though S&F was widely praised even by black preachers as a good way to keep the lid on violent ghetto criminality.

So what is going to happen is that minority criminality will once again skyrocket in the Big Apple, and the freakazoids at Amerika's newspaper of record will be able to claim Victory.


In a sane society, a nation's newspaper of record would be drawing logical and clear-headed conclusions about the class and (gasp!) racial nature of certain forms of criminality, especially the kinds of extreme violent criminality depicted in this sad article. In post-WW2 America however, political correction as defined by the vermin at the New York Times dictates that "There Is No Race There Is Only One Race, And Equality Is His Prophet. Peace Be Upon Him."

The vermin at the Times are are going to regret what they wished for.

The New York Times: Verminous Since Sunday Brunch And Soon That Too Will Be Outlawed


Anonymous said...

The NYT is a jewish racist fish wrap. It's jew supremacist from it's ownership to it's nepotist workers.

Christian Identity Forum said...

The answer to your question can be summed up with one word: Jews.

Jews own and run the NY Times, and Jews have a biological mandate to destroy whites through any and all means available to them.