Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nelson Mandela Deat At 95: As Expected, The New York Times Goes Into Full-On Hagiography Worship Mode, Never Missing An Opportunity To Comfort The Afflicted (SA Blacks), And Afflict The Comfortable (SA Whites)...

Wednesday 4 Decembr MMXIII
Well ole' Madiba has finally bit the dust, at the ripe old toothless age of ninety-five.

Ninety five?

For a number of reasons both nature and nurture-related, Africans have a shorter lifespan than non-Africans. For inner-city African American males, this lifespan is even shorter still. In the same way that a domesticated dog has a life expectancy measured relative to its master's by a factor of about 8:1 (depending on  the breed), certain ethnic groups live longer than others.

A case in point is the Greek island of Ikaria, which the vermin at the New York Times reported on in an October 2012 article entitled: "The Island Where People Forget To Die." Apparently the majority of Ikaria's islanders live into their hundreds.

Bur we digress...

Nelson Mandela is finally dead, and the New York Times has begun to buff the halo over their pointy head by heaping on the man-love.

In the coming weeks, you are going to see and hear the name "Nelson Mandela" more than you ever have in the past 25 years. And a lot of what you hear and read is going to sound like this (from today's NYT Mandela obit by Times big-wig Bill Keller entitled "Nelson Mandela, South Africa's Liberator As Prisoner And President, Dies at 95") :

"Some" whites emigrated Bill? You lying little weasel. You competitive compassionate, pathological altruist, beta anti-white conformist scum.

How bout fully 25% of white South Africans have fled since 1994? Not to mention the 3,500 white farmers killed by marauding gangs of black males in that same period; not to mention the hundreds of baby-rapes reported every day; not to mention the criminal rape epidemic where fully one-third of ALL black south African males actually Admit to having committed violent raped ; not to mention the two rhinos slaughtered on average every single day in SA by negro poachers who sell the poor beasts' tusks to grinning Chinamen who believe - to the one all of them - that the ground tusk potion will give them some kind of sick, perverted sexual stamina ; not to mention the billions in foreign aid especially from the US (George GW's perpfar program : 60 billion dollars), and when not from the US then from other European and only European countries.

Neslon Mandela was an evil man, and not even probably by his own doing. Nelson Mandela was a vital cog in a giant machinery that for over 100 years and more specifically since May 1945, has gradually grinded down the very system that made Europe great and her world-wide colonies possible.

The best thing that ever happened to the cargo-cult societies of the entire non-Western World was contact with the White, Western World. From the Philippines to Mozambique, non-Euro peoples' interaction with whites even as colonial subjects, was from a meta point of view a net gain for those colonized.

By colonizing the world, white Europeans spread the technology and medical know-how that allowed non-European nations - heavily subsidized by guilt payments too in the form of "foreign Aid" - to absolutely EXPLODE in numbers. In the tiny nation of Cambodia there are over 60 "deliveries" every day, and these JUST in the facilities of one single private Catholic charity.

It cannot be emphasized enough: since the end of WW2, White Western interventionism in the turd world has resulted in scores of "underdeveloped" nations being enabled to produce scores of "underdeveloped" children. White technology, white guilt and white do-gooderism are the main ingredients behind the tectonic shift in global demographics that have occurred in just two short generations:

While in 1950 the world was approximately 33% white and overall less than 8% african, today those figures are the same but reversed. In other words: today euros make up less than 8% of all global population, while africans are the proud possessors of 33% of all humankind's roll call.

In 2010 the afro-mometer rolled over the One Billion mark on the dial, every single last one of these afros being the direct product of Western intervention through medical technology and food aid, in their impoverished, pre-Stone Age lands. George W. Bush with his PEPFAR program spent over 60 billion dollars to eradicate AIDS on the Dark Continent. How has this benefited the planet? Answer: by producing hundreds of millions of new, future AIDS patients.

The simple fact of the matter is that South Africa would be a lot better off today under European control, as would the rest of the formerly-colonized "Developing" (lol) ."World".

So please main stream media types: enough about your Saint Mandela. Let's get just a little cynical, and a little realistic, about what is really going on. Cuz it ain't perty, and it can't possibly end well.


The New York Times: Pretending To Be Anti-Racist Hipsters While They Are In Actuality Genocidal Racist Freaks, Since 1984

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