Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, September 1, 2013

SWPL Canadian Couple Travels To Somalia, Gets Kidnapped, Raped, And Humiliated, Converts To Islam, Forgives Their Abductors, And The New York Times Gives Them The Cover Story Of Today's Sunday Magazine

It's Amy Biehl syndrome with a twist. 

In a sane society, the female author of this NYT Sunday Magazine  cover story - Amanda Lindhout of lilly white Alberta, Canada - would have, after being ravaged by the semitic, western-assisted durka-durka Islamic Somali scum she set out to write about, demanded that the white man call in an air strike to scrub this verminous cockroach-like scab of pre-humanity from the wretched lands it leeches upon.

Instead, in an emotional explosion of Amy Biehl-style pathological altruism, Lindhout does everything in her power to not speak ill of the pre-humans who abducted her and her equally clueless boyfriend.

The Somalians who held her and Brennan for 460 days, managed to extort close to one million dollars out of these kids' parents. But the painful lesson was not learned: Lindhout you will see does everything in this long article she can to show compassion, not hate.

When the Canadian duo manage to escape from their pre-human Somali captors and find refuge in a nearby Mosque full of dirty-beard old men who'd left their Chinese-made plastic sandals at the door, Lindhout hopes beyond hope that some decent Somali citizen will take pity on them and help them. She implies this in the article.

But it quickly becomes apparent to her that these dirty men in the Mosque do not share her sense of idealism. Therefore Lindhout projects this idealism - ever so weekly - onto the only Somali "hero" in the whole store, namely a niqab-covered Somali woman with henna tattooes on the backs of her hands, who reminds Lindhout of her own mother, and is the only person that tries even a little to help the Canadian duo.

I seriously doubt that even one single, lone person in Somalia tried to help this white Canadian couple at all. Even a little as the author claims, lamely.


In a sane society, this woman, after being abducted, ape-raped, humiliated and abused by some sickly pre-human POS Somalian, would not be calling for compassion and making up stories about some courageous burka-clad woman who tried to help her.

No. In a sane society, a sane, pre-brainwashed white woman would respond to this ultimate "mugged by reality" moment by begging the white man, her brother, to bomb this shit pit that is Somalia back into the Stick Age from whence it emerged cockroach-like not that long ago. (Note: "Stick Age" = pre-"Stone Age").

But this is not a sane society. For after Lindhout's ordeal, this is how she chooses to be presented in the Western Press :

From the article :

"I was 27 years old. I had spent most of the last seven years traveling the world, often by myself, as a backpacker, financing extended low-budget trips with stints working as a waitress in a couple of fancy cocktail lounges at home in Canada, in the oil-rich city of Calgary. With my saved-up tip money, I went through Venezuela, then Burma, then Bangladesh. I saw Pakistan and Syria, Ethiopia and Sudan. Each trip bolstered my confidence, convincing me that even while strife and terror hogged the international headlines, there was always something more hopeful and humane to be found on the ground.
Before going to Somalia, I spent the last year or so trying to transition to more serious work, learning photography and teaching myself how to produce a television report, locating myself — as many aspiring journalists did — strategically in the world’s hot spots. I did a six-month stint in Kabul, followed by seven months in Baghdad. As a freelancer, I filed stories for a couple of English-language cable networks, taking whatever work I could get, and was writing a regular column for my small hometown paper in Alberta. I was getting by, but just barely. My plan was to spend a week in Somalia, which, with its civil war and what seemed to be an impending famine, had no shortage of potential stories to cover. Knowing it was risky, I took what felt like the necessary precautions — hiring a local fixer to arrange our logistics, paying for a pair of armed government guards to escort us around Mogadishu. For me, going to Somalia felt like a steppingstone, though I recognized it was a dangerous one." 

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