Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, September 16, 2013

In A Brazen Above-The-Fold Front Page Morality-Whore Snob Fest, The New York Times Takes Competitive Altruism To A New Level Of Pathological

 As we have seen ad-infinitum in the past, the only time the New York times publishes photos of ordinary white people above the fold, is when those featured are either freaks, social justice crusaders, criminals, or sick / elderly and soon to be extinct.

When was the last time you saw a normal, healthy, successful white male on the front page of the NYT who was not the object of some derision, scandal or conflict?

Answer: it's been a while.

In the same way that the slithering, rapacious, reality-reversing  vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record have kept their self-loathing SWPL readership in the dark about what history will show has become one of the greatest yacht racing events in history, if the News Aint Fit The Agenda, It Wont Be Print. [The scandalous, utter paucity of NYT coverage of the Amerika's Cup is a sad post for another day].

Caption reads: "Julian Hewitt and his daughter
played pool in a a neighborhood bar in Mamelodi"

Today the swine at the Times gives us a front-page feature story entitled :

"Trading Privilege For Privation, Family Hits A Nerve In South Africa"

Yes: this article is exactly what you would expect to drool forth from the One-Worlder Afro Uplifters at the New York Times :

- pathologically guilty liberal white family  : check√

- paternalistic depiction of african "suffering" : check√

- utter absence of honest discussion on african failure: check√

- blaming the "legacy of apartheid" on african inability to emerge from the Stick Age : check√


From the article :
The Hewitts moved into the shack for the month of August as an experiment in radical empathy. Could a white middle-class South African family make it on $10 a day in the kind of living conditions that millions of black South Africans endure every day? “It is one thing to know from an academic perspective what divides us,” said Mr. Hewitt, who also blogged about the experience. “But what is it like to actually live it?”

Bonus: Miss Ena's hubby shares his thoughts of shedding their white privilege and nobly living among the natives :


(Sorry- cannot get to embed. The NYT used to let us do this. Not any more).


By the way here is the blog, reeking of status-whoring oneupmanship, that Julian Hewitt and his DWL wife Ena published during the month that they spent slumming it in the township a mere six miles from their gated community. Oh the shame! Oh the guilt ! (I would say that in this case "DWL" does not stand for "Disingenuous White Liberal" as much as it stands for "Delusional White Liberal."  And since they supposedly had their young children with them during the month they spent among the natives, perhaps it should be revised to "DWDWL," or "Death Wish Delusional White Liberal.")

The fact that their young children were not killed, or eaten, is a fluke; in a sane society these people would be shunned, possibly imprisoned.

The New York Times: Encouraging Mass Insanity Among The Planet's Haves, Since 1994

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