Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, June 22, 2013

When Italians Dare Oppose The NYT-Endorsed/Engineered Population Replacement Project© For Italy, Amerika's Own Newspaper Of Record Swats Them Down With Cries Of "Xenophobia!', "Intolerance!", Etc. Ad Infinitum

In Italy, where throngs and hordes of surplus young north african males washed up on the shores of Lampedusa Island and Southern Italy after the "Arab Spring";

In Italy where a poor, innocent white girl from Oregon was jailed for four years in Italian prison because the "progressive" Itals' refused to admit the obvious, politically incorrect reality of innate African barbarity - namely where Ivory Coast-born drifter, known violent knife-criminal and Italy-dwelling parasite Rudy Guede was obviously the one who cut Meredith Kercher's throat -  today there is an African woman in High Office who is calling out the racist tendencies of the denizens of her adopted (invaded?) land, and the New York Times is of course comforting her, and afflicting the indigenous Italians she appears to hate rather a lot:

"Slurs Against Italy's First Black National Official Spur Debate On Racism"

From the article : 

The NYT-endorsed/engineered population project is becoming more obvious for all to see, day after day.

Just a few short years ago, Italy had only a handful of non-foreigners.

Today, go to Italy - or any Western nation - and you will see firsthand the handiwork of the big brains at the New York Times , everywhere. Everywhere.

Non-Euros from former colonies or not (as in the case of this Minister of "Integration"  from Congo - were they colonized by the Italians? Ummm. no. You're thinking of Libya, and to a lesser degree Ehtiopia)... non-euros from former colonies or not are flooding in to Europe at head-spinning rates, changing the demographic balance of every single European nation on earth, and yet the elites and their spineless eunuch allies in the media have nothing but praise for this inevitable soft genocide.

Conan O'Brian makes a joke about whites dying off faster than replacing themselves, and his all-white audience stands up and cheers. Much like Bill Clinton's famous 1998 speech at Washington State University.

What the hell is going on here?

Do not these verminous traitors realize that there is a significant portion of their readership Who Can See?

We at COTT can only wonder.

The real puppet masters of course occupy very high stations of influence, and are unlikely to change their ways - or be Stopped in their ways - until some kind of mass-awakening occurs.

In this Age of NYT obfuscation and spin, I just don't see that happening... until it is too late.

Born-in-Congo Cécile Kyenge, Italy's First Negro Minister,
Presented By The NYT As An Oppressed Hero
Of Change And Progress (progress for non-Italian Italians). 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Gem Junior said...

Nobody ever stops to think - why is a non-Italian taking a post in any ministry position or in any government position. It's like Ireland's immigration minister being a multiculturalist JEW who has, for the first time since the world began, introduced The Criminal Negro into the country en masse. Why have all the European countries been literally forced to have black and muslims all over the place? And then they are annoyed when they don't get to be part of the governments structure. It never fails to baffle me that whites are up to their necks in this shit and do nothing. They/we should be throwing all the people who don't belong there OUT. And if anyone says anything throw them in prison.