Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trayvon-O-Mania Round 2,999: Despite The Obvious, The DWLs At The New York Times Join Nancy Grace And The Other Status-Whoring White Women Arguing In Defense Of The Loveable "No Limit Nigga"

Today was a bad day for "Justice For Trayvon" fans, and for the slain teen's parents in their quest for a giant Trayvon lottery payout, because the prosecution rolled out their "star witness" in  George Zimmerman's murder trial in Sanford, Fl. , and she turned out to be a very bad witness indeed.

Her name is Rachel Jeantel, she was Martin's friend, she was on the sail phone with him minutes before he was shot (after sucker-punching GW), and, according to an NBC commentator, she is not the "sharpest tool in the shed."

That "sharpest tool" statement was probably an oops by the NBC woman journo, and probably won't be repeated, even though many of the comments in the buzz feeds all over the internet are wondering if Jeantel is not borderline retarded. (The NBC commentator qualified her "not the sharpest" statement with: "But she's no dummy").

Rachel Jeantel

When I first saw Jeantel testifying, I felt incredibly sorry for her, and even a little bad about being so pissed off about the whole Trayvon-รด-Mania affair.

She was big. She was obese really. She had the dazed, drooping, bloodshot eyes of some kind of poor depraved jungle creature. She listened to questions with her mighty lips slightly ajar; her big pink tongue occasionally darted out of her mouth and licked those big painted lips in what appeared to be an absolute and tragic absence of self-awareness. She moved her lips slightly as she read - ever so slowly - pages 18 through 23 of the deposition that GW's defense attorney placed before her on the witness stand and axed her to read. She used the word "ax" instead of "ask" over and over again. She bobbed her head between questioning, we had to look closely to see if she was wearing earbuds and maybe listening to some music.

 She was not.

In a word, Jeantel introduced - O.J. style - tens of millions of ordinary Americans into the very  finite brain power of average ghetto blacks in the USA. Except that ordinary Americans never identified OJ Simpson with ghetto blackness; in this case, they will.

Today's testimony was for HBD Realism like an entire season of "The First 48" on steroids. (I loved BTW that the controversial Cheerios commercial aired a few times between non-stop coverage on CNN).

The New York Times of course had no choice but to report on this mega-trial. Remember: as first disclosed on this blog over a year ago, the verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times, for the first time in their 162-year history, used the term "White Hispanic" to describe Zimmerman shortly after he was re-arrested, 44 days after the shooting.

"White Hispanic."

Perhaps realizing how incredibly biased that looked, and how obvious it made it that the vermin at the Times were praying that Zimmerman would be white(r), the New York Times never again used the term "White Hispanic." Go to nyts.com and search it for yourself.

They have toned it down a bit. But like Nancy Grace and 95% of the rest of the MSM, the NYT are clearly on the side of Trayvon Martin and his fambly. Today they published yet another propaganda puff piece that confirms this: "At Zimmerman Trial, A Tail Of Pursuit And Attack."

"A tail of pursuit and attack"?

As in: "Zimmerman pursued and attacked. Profiled"?

Really. The swine. How dare they. For in a sane society, the top headline would have read something more like: "Star prosecution witness in TM trial caught red-handing lying; witness might be mentally incompetent to testify further."


Instead, we get this from today's NYT article :

Note the way that the pro-Trayvon fanatics at the Times attempt here to project their authenticity, by printing the actual ebonics of witness Jeantel's stataments. As in: "See? We get real with the realness of the African American scene too, nomesane?". But everywhere else, they portray the bordeline- retard Jeantel as just an everyday, ordinary American. Just like and as average as you and me.


We will of course be watching this case closely, with a keen eye on the lies of the NYT.

The New York Times: Charles Blow Said Trayvon Martin Was Innocent, That's All


Anonymous said...

That is a ghastly looking cretin. Those people have strange alien DNA. They look like some Frankenstein mishap.
The courts in this country are totally corrupt, worse the courts have no credibility from the so-called Supreme court that is composed of a group of left wing CHUDS to the lowest courts no pun intended. Are the real people of this country going to obey what are nothing more than a bunch of renegades who wouldn't know a proper law much less the rule of law if it hit them in dope bags? The courts are totally out of control we cannot allow a bunch of outlaws to rule we the people.

David said...

You are wrong about her having self awareness, only some sort of base instinct perhaps, if that. And that is a college student that can't even read. Our country is screwed if we do not get rid of the PC BS and PC propagandists.

Keep on exposing them Crimes Of The Times!

Anonymous said...

So where is Dede?