Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What Really Happened To Socialite And Philanthropist Brooke Astor's Son, Anthony Marshall, The 89 year-old WW2 Hero On Riker's Island As Of Yesterday, To Serve A Three-Year Jail Sentence Based On Spurious Claims Of "Elder Abuse"

This man is innocent, there is no question about it. Though the NYT-influenced magistrates in New York City's criminal justice system have effectively condemned him to one to three years of hard time in state prison, where he will no doubt die ex-post-facto amid the throngs of violent minorities legal and 14th-amendment local, that occupy the vast majority of that God-forsaken penal place.

At eighty-nine years old, Purple Heart-winner Anthony Marshall is the only person in all of the history of the New York criminal justice system to be sentenced at such an advanced age to hard time, and for a non-violent crime, no less.

Apparently there are three other 85+ year-old men in prison in New York right now - none of whom were as old as Marshall when sentenced to hard time - but all three were convicted for horrible crimes of physical violence: murder, rape, child molestation.

Yet the vermin at the New York Times think that doling out hard time to a feeble old WASP is just fine, thank you very much.

Don't believe me that Brooke Astor's son is being railroaded for political - nay, ideological - reasons?

Then I invite you to compare for yourself some differing analyses of this poor 89-year-old ex-Marine's indictment.

The first, of course, comes from the sickly pages excreted by the hideous lying maggots at the New York Times :

"Appeals Exhausted, Astor Case Ends As Son Is Sent To Jail"

The second, comes from the inestimable Gavin Macinnes, writing for the alt-right magazine "Takimag.com" :

"A Sad State Of Affairs"

If the New York Times reports it as fact - especially in a story involving those pesky "sensitive" social science issues - chances are, they are lying further than you could throw them.

The New York Times: Swapping At Wasps Since 1896.

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