Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Un-shining A Spotlight On Juvenile Minority Criminality : The New York Times Descends To New Depths Of Journalistic Status-Whoring Trickery And Deceitfulness In A Front Page Propaganda Puff Piece About A 90-Year Old Black Granny Carjacked In Georgia By "Un-Thinking" Youth Assailants Whom The Times Insidiously Fails To Describe

The other day my local coffee shop was sold-out of NYTs, so I picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal instead.

What struck me most while reading the WS Journal instead of my usual daily masochistic dose of NYT fun-house diversity enforcement, was the Journal's almost total lack of social justice-style reporting, the tiresome SWPL kind of minority-uplift drivel that appears in practically every single one of the Times' published articles.

Even though both of these newspaper powerhouses are driven by a common post-modernist liberal agenda, the Grey Lady is clearly the more guilty offender when it comes to "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable," at the expense of a very specific demographic.  And we already knew that the liberals' own ideological untouchables are women and minorities. Period.

Exhibit A presented to support this assertion is a front page "human interest" story published on Saturday, April 6th MMXIII, and entitled
"Payment For Act Of Kindness: Two Days In Car Trunk At 89".

It is the story of a very old black woman - one Margaret E. Smith from Lincoln, Delaware of all places - who not long ago was carjacked by a couple of "youths" who forced her to spend two days in the trunk of her Buick LeSabre.

An instance of extreme juvenile criminality, to be sure. But worthy of a front-page appearance in the most expensive publishing real estate on Planet Earth? Even though we have other youths such as De'Marquise Elkins - who murdered an infant with a guinshot to the face in shooting infants in the face who barely get mentioned in the illustrious pages of the NYT?

We don't think so.

The Times' article on baby slayer De'Marquise gets barely a single paragraph, while their sensationalist hagiographic front-pager painting a heroic picture of l'il Miss. Margaret goes on for a full five pages.

From the Times' front page article on Smith :
LINCOLN, Del. A steel-haired woman, 89 years old and an inch short of five feet, sat on a pillow in the driver’s seat of her Buick LeSabre, just thinking. Parked outside a convenience store on one of the last days of winter, she was considering a pre-Easter treat for herself: an ice cream cone. Butter pecan.

Two girls, 15 and 14, appeared at the window, calling her “Miss” and offering to pay for a ride to the other side of town. Her inclination was to say no, but her strong belief in offering kindness to strangers won out. She said yes, of course, and no need to pay her.

Uncertainty soon joined the ride, as her passengers directed her to one house, then to another, and another. Then, according to the police, they snatched her keys, causing a tussle between two girls and a small woman three times their combined ages.
Youth won out. They locked her in the trunk.      

The most amazing part of this story is not the depraved nature of the violence itself, but rather the fact that there is a virtual 99.99% statistical certainty that this poor little old lady's attackers were individuals who resembled her genetically, quite a lot.

Everybody knows chances are - and by a long shot - that Driving Miss Margaret's carjackers were:
Not Asian.

Not Hispanic.

Not Native American.

Not Jewish.

Not Russian Immigrants.

And certainly not white.

Backed by simple, easy-to-verify statistics, the chances are extremely high that Miss Margaret's attackers were African Americans just like her.

And yet the sickly individuals at Amerika's newspaper of record cannot even bring themselves to suggesting this obvious reality.


I'm thinking now that the New York Times, by not even hat-tipping to this obvious possibility, is perhaps the biggest story of them all, in this story.


Here's where it gets downright comical: the Times published Miss Margaret's sweet-looking portrait right there on the front page. On page 16 inside where the story reprised, however, the verminous reality contortionists at the Times published three photos of evil-looking whites in orange jump suits to counter-balance the other photo of Miss Margaret, who is pictured above them on page 16, inside her humble abode in Delaware, with pictures of Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ adorning the walls. {Reminder: in the sickly hive mind of the New York Times, adherence to religious beliefs is always sneered at and ridiculed when adherents are not minority and female; the disgusting maggots at Amerika's newspaper of record will always and most hypocritically spit on the Catholic Church and Christianity in general, unless those living religiously are, say, illegal immigrant famblies from Mexico, for example, in which case their attendance of Sunday services makes them respectable and responsible "church-going" believers}.  

Miss Margaret: 90 Years-Old, Carjacked By Youth
Who Look Like Her, Pictured Saintly 
The New York Times is a disgusting elitist NWO institution of criminal disinformation,

Here's the Times puff piece involving criminals from a wholly different crime, published on the same page as the saintly Miss Margaret, to further confuse the gullible reader :

"Less Culpable, But With Longer Sentences"

The mugs below were published directly below the saintly picture of church-going carjack victim Margaret E. Smith, above, to subliminally suggest that it was evil whites and not feral negro youth who attacked her, carjacked her, and threw her in a trunk.

The New York Times: Bring It On, Bitches ! 


Anonymous said...

Yah, exactly right: the J York Times daily publishes puff pieces on their protected pet minorities youves; while at the same time heaping Oprah-esque praise on so-called minority victims of the Oppressive WASP order.

Truly a sick publication indeed; here in Ireland we are suffering the effects of the insidious propaganda of yer home newsdpaper of rekord as they say.

Keep it up mate; watching here from Eire; Zgood to ya,

- Anthony

Anonymous said...

Nickolas Stix at his blog calls these kinds of photos "chaperone photos". They are meant to associate Whites with whatever crime some other race has done or at least distract from the crime done by the usually black perpetrator. Stix has attributed this ploy to the editor of the Chicago Tribune, but of course the NYT is the master of such tactics.

Anonymous said...

groids dont buy that rag,,why does the slimes cover 4 em

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad I'm not you.