Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Derka Derka!" - The Second Urine-Colored Islamic Terrorist Bomber From Chechnya Has Been Captured And Caged In Massachusetts - The Beedie-Eyed Weasels At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Are None Too Happy

Sick, but true: they were hoping and praying that the perps would turn out to be Timothy McVeigh Jr.-types.

Sorry Salon; Sorry Tim Wse:

Cuz it turns out the Boston bomber was a practitioner of the religion of peace, just as the data told us it would most likely be.

Which in the sense that mathematics and empiric deduction can be used to predict future outcomes, this is practically proof that there is a God after all.

And no, by "God" we do not mean Muhammed the pedophile, Muhammed the dirty-beard creep who wedded his bride Aisha, one of many, when she was six years old.

Which BTW: just three years after his "wedding" with Aisha,  Islam's model man, the "perfect man" according to the Koran and one to be an inspiration and role model to billions of his kinfolk worldwide, the disgusting and vile fifty-year old Muhammed consummated the marriage with his child wife.

This type of shocking info is easy to verify and cross-reference if you have an internet connectino and you are not in China, but you will never, ever see such non-PC propositions in the decrepit pages of the NYT.

Most Muslims worldwide exist today only and uniquely as a direct result of Western munificence and technology. They are like bacteria in a petri dish in an experiment gone terribly wrong; the white scientist in his long white lab coat runs for his life as his clones multiply like a foul-smelling algeae bloom.

The West has created the pre-conditions for its own Downfall.

As a public-policy influencer, the New York Times plays a uniquely pivotal role in the decline of the West.

h/T Hunter Wallace :


Anonymous said...

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As in: an HBD interpretation of 9/11.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah one of these filthy asshole muslim brothers was an American citizen. This so called citizen should have been deported for a conviction of domestic violence instead of being made a citizen. So now we have Americans blowing up Americans in terrorist attacks. So much for our US Immigration and Naturalization Service. Our enemies don't need invasion fleets they have the US government and open borders to invade our country and kill US citizens and they have the treasonous gang of eight, Shumer, McCain, Rubio etc.