Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, June 27, 2011

Stomach-Churning, In-Your-Face Perversity from the Sick Freaks at the New York Times

The crypto-delusional cultural marxist diversity enforcers at the New York Times are in a state of euphoria, now that same-sex rectal penetration for men, and unspeakable orificial acts for women are officially sanctioned by law in the Empire State.

We at COTT have nothing against gays - in fact, the idea of a 1930s-style, well-dressed, discrete dandy-type gay seems almost quaint to us.

But this ? : 


What is wrong with these people, people? What awful affliction of the brain has taken over the pointy-headed elites with thick eyeglass lenses at Amerika's newspaper of record, an affliction that deludes them into believing (or pretending to believe) that celebrating such a sick, radical departure from all things traditional as this is something that is morally resplendent for society at large? 

I want to destroy the New York Times, I really do. Every day in their jaded pages it is the same thing, over and over: uplift the minorities; portray the turd world as a place progressing despite evil Western oppression and the legacy of Western achievement (oppression); attack the Catholic church; defend Islam; write glowing, breathless articles about high-achieving illegal browns, and if said aliens are gay, make it a full-page spread; make white people look bad (unless they are gay, retarded, or both); never, ever publish a story or show a picture of a normal white hetero couple with kids, especially if they are thriving and God-forbid attractive;  and so on ad infinitum.

Consider this front-page below the fold picture on today's national edition : 

For the sick, demented individuals at the Times, shoving the anti-western perversity that is legalized and indeed state-sponsored sodomy is not enough. No! The times has to really rub it in by giving us the double progressive whammy of state-sponsored, miscegenated sodomy : 

Above we have, respectively: an hispanic lesbian police officer with a negro carpet muncher (probably a government employee as well); a white homo with a negro butt buddy, and the negro's daughter on the white homo's shoulders (consider the symbolism there), and finally, below: we have a low-down negro (in dress) with his own butt buddy, a dimunitive hispanic. 

The New York Times: making white people look like fags since 2001. 


Anonymous said...

The number of comments on this site speaks volumes.

Racist shithead.

Anonymous said...

You're a racist too. For whatever race you are, otherwise you're just a complicit liberal all too happy to watch your genes vanish so that a happy utopia can be built.

Most definitely you're a shithead.