Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The New York Times Is So Predictable, That If It Weren't So Tragic (For The West) It Would Be Laughable

We haven't posted anything here at COTT for a week. This is NOT because the One-Worlder Diversity-
Enforcing Competitive Compassionate Reality Fugitives at Amerika's Newspaper of Record have not given us plenty to post about; if anything it is because the New York Times over the past few days has come to resemble itself even more than usually.                                                                                                                            
June 21st, MMXI - Clck 2 Enlrg

The pattern is repeated over and over: On the front page, we have above-the-fold photos of Yemenites in the cesspool that is the MidEast; on the inside pages there is the inevitable DAILY update on the Catholic Church abuse scandal, and why not over in the Science Times a piece on a white woman researcher's work on earthworm neurology (said research will of course result in confirming the ever-touted affirmation that race is merely a social construct, despite the Times' own unlikely (no-doubt highly reluctant) reporting on the shysterisms of Stephen Jay Gould and the data he fudged for his much-loved-by-the-Times "The Mismeasure of Man"). It gets so repetitive that it becomes downright depressing. What we are witnessing here is the death of the West through population-replacement and historical revisionism engineered by such elites as those who write the snivel rights-loving snot at the New York Times. The world is a complicated place of highly divergent anti-diversity hate facts, with a tiny proportion of its human population having historically produced the vastness of resources that we take for granted in the modern world. Let us refer to this hate fact as the "COTT paradox": whereas,  leftists and assorted diversity enforcers will often bemoan the fact that the United States - for example (not to take the case of the Western World at large) - only makes up 5% of global population but uses 25% of world energy resources. 

Please consider this: virtually every single modern technology device was invented by a Westerner. Virtually every single modern innovation in medicine was invented by a Westerner. Down to the very last one, every single modern convenience has as its inventor the West behind it. 

Merely sixty years ago the world was almost 33% European (read: white; read: Western); today world population is over 92% non-European, and with the never-ending cycle of Western guilt that enables Turd World reproductive profligacy, the dreaded 2042 deadline of minority-majority status can't come fast enough for the Do-Gooder Diversity Fanatics at the Times. 

Assimilating the inhabitants of the Stone-Age into the Industrial Age is no easy task: The West not only invented the modern world, it also laid the groundwork - through competitive compassion - for the tsunami of non-Western population growth. 

The argument could indeed even be made that Obama Sr. himself, that sperm-donor African proto-humanoid who raped a 17 yr-old white girl from Kansas who through incredibly sinister forces had been raised to believe that her own kind were evil, and non-whites were virtuous and superior, was very likely himself spawned as a direct result of White Western industriousness, innovation, and meddling in perceivedly lesser "peoples" affairs.

Get it yet? 

Read White Man's Burden, you'll get it, maybe. 

Read the New York Times, and you won't. 

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit I have not read anything more spot-on for state of the world today in a long time.

If only you could have elaborated somewhat.

I think I get it, though.