Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nauseating Illegal Alien Invader-Worship From the New York Times

June 25th MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
The Times gives us today a sickening bit of illegal alien worship published in the pages of the Sunday Magazine, entitled "Outlaw."

It is the smug and whiny story of a 30 year-old illegal Filipo named Jose Antonio Vargas, who was smuggled into the United States as a 2-year-old and hasn't stopped complaining since.

Of course for the treasonous diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record, Vargas's story is worthy of praise not only because this invader proved his NWO liberal bona fides by working intern positions at both the Washington and Huffington Posts (after being educated on the West Coast at taxpayer expense), but also because this enlightened Third Worlder has a fondness for rectums belonging to members of his own gender.

Yes, Senor Vargas is a proud Gay (illegal immgrant invader) American Alien.

The way this article shoves the Turd World invader entitlement mentality into your face is even more sickening than usual: the Times presents this Brown Menace as a victim of evil Western exclusionism from the very first lines of the article.


Note the way that the sneaky reality contortionists at the Times attempt to make the link between illegal invader alien browns from the Turd World and our own ever-virtuous Original Oppressed, with snotty, pungent references to the "Underground Railroad."

It really is sickening almost beyond belief.

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