Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The People Behind COTT Have Been Busy Making the World A Better Place - Sorrry !

June 1st, MMXI - Click 2 Enlarge
Here in Detroit, actually. We apologize for not having had the time recently to post scathing critiques of Amerika's newspaper of record on a more regular basis. In a few days time, when the pressure is off, we will be back to reading the New York Times, so you don't have to.

I look forward to getting back to full-time Times bashing.

Until then, I offer you this tiny little tidbit from today's national edition, entitled "U.S. Reduces Estimates of Homeless in Haiti's Quake."

The title itself of this article is a screaming, blatant, outright lie. Look, I don't like picking on Haiti - who does? It's a sad, fucked-up place. Misery and thick skulls, Stone Age backwardness, overpopulation and disease, who wants to write about that? Worse, who wants to kick a population who'se down and behind (by about two hundred thousand years)? They've got it hard enough as it is.

But the fact is that Haiti would not be the mess, the CESSPOOL that it is today, were it not for the competitive compassion do-gooder freaks who guilt the Western World into pouring billions of unsupervised wealth aid into the Western Hemispehere's most fucked up country, thereby stimulating a population boom that only increases the misery. (Haiti's population growth doubled after the earthquake. DOUBLED.)

We don't have it in for the Haitians - who would? That would be like making fun of kids with downs syndrome or cripples.

The people who really piss us off are the elitist social-engineering reality fugitives that make Western public policy. The real people to mock and to blame here are the evil elites at such institutions of disinformation as the New York Times, who perpetuate do-gooder feel-guilt myths based on the time-honored credo of afflicting the comfortable, where in the process of living by such so-called virtue all kinds of virtue and mayhem ensue.

Haiti is messed up today as much by the historically and genetically low-achievement potential of the people who inhabit it, as by the do-gooder outsiders who through a sick genetic trait known as competitive altruism, have been attempting to uplift these poor Stone Agers for about a hundred years or so. In the process, as the West feels better about themselves for helping out the "less fortunate," they make the situation about one thousand times worse by providing the "less fortunate" with the artificial sustenance that allows said stone-agers to reproduce at an artificially high rate, thereby creating an entire high-fertility, low-productivity (to put it gently) populace dependent for life on the generosity of outsiders.

Life is not fait. Equality is a myth. In the big picture, perpetuating this myth rewards only those - and in the short term - who get to feel morally superior in the process.

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