Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paying Good Money to Sniff Out Racism Wherever it Isn't

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The reality contortionists at the New York Times killed two birds with one stone today in an article that takes groveling before blacks to new heights. In "Seeking Stories of Lynching as Accounts of Faith," Times communist Samuel G. Freedman (email him)  tells the story of one Reverend Doctor Angela D. Sims (the long made-up name like a Louis Vuitton handbag, fake, made in China) who recently received thirty grand in grant money to travel the country to sniff out stories of perceived racism from long ago.

The Times is in love with race hustlers like the Rev. Sims, because it gives them a chance to cover multiple bases of their agenda. They get to speak in glowing terms of a minority courageously in search of racial justice, a female minority at that, and one who can be even more elevated by her validating association with "faith." 

Apparently the good Doctor Reverend Esquire handbag Sims  had no problem finding old blacks to talk about evil whitey from way back when. These old blacks, already half demented and not too bright to start with, egged on and coached by Dr. Sims to imagine evil lynchings from way back when, have already been egged on and coached by what are ultimately the most evil of whites: the elitists like the communists at the New York Times who have been whispering in the ears of blacks for decades, telling them that all their suffering and all their failure is the fault of evil whitey. 

Dimwit black-studies types like Doctor (chortle) Sims make a good living out of this shit, so obviously it is in their interest to keep the hate alive through historical revisionism. And when you have your nation's newspaper of record behind you 110%, it's like sailing into the sunset with the wind at your back, pina coladas on deck and the sound of Jimmy Buffet playing in the background.

From the article:
"Fortified with a $30,000 grant from the Louisville Institute, she started the search in May 2009, sending hundreds of e-mails to personal and professional contacts, asking if anyone knew anyone who might know anything. That scattershot appeal yielded the intitial 45 interview subjects. They told Ms. Sims of seeing black men castrated, of finding chared bodies, of walking on blood-soaked ground. They told her of the pervasive fear of doing something that could bring forth a lynch mob. [i.e., muh dick] They told her, too, of the unexpected intervention of some whites. One man recounted how he had escaped an impending lynching because he was tipped off by a Ku Klux Klan member, who happened to have been his father's boss." 
So here we have, once again, the New York Times reporting third-party hearsay as historical certainty. Anything to further their agenda.

We have seen before that the Times commits its crimes as much by outright lies as by omission. In this case, it is worth noting that the Times fails to report on the fact that of the seven thousand or so documented lynchings that occurred in the South, some 2,000 were actually of whites accused of some impropriety, usually of a sexual nature.

Worse, the Times lends credibility to this two-bit race hustling poverty pimp preacher and her feeble attempt to re-write history, while never mentioning that most amazing and certainly accurate historical accounts of life during and after slavery, the 1930s-era Slave Narratives, preserved for all to see in the Library of Congress (check them out! Fascinating reading). Of course, the Times will prop up this idiot Sims, while playing down the validity of the Slave Narratives. Why? Because the vast majority of the thousands of old blacks who tell their stories in this Work Projects Administration project speak positively of their lives before the end of slavery.

From the Slave Narratives, for example, we have recollections such as this:

Beautiful, wrenching, historically accurate stuff from 1936.

Today though, we have the Good Doctor Reverend Esquire Jr. III handbag and her ilk paid good money by white institutions to rewrite history with a decidedly anti-Western, social justice agenda slant. And the New York Times, the Great Equalizer, is their Great Enabler. 

The New York Times: Promoting Oneness Since 2001

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Anonymous said...

In the 1600s persons known as witch sniffers seeked out well witches.

With all the denounciations going on today a career as a racist sniffer is looking lucrative.