Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The New York Times Plays Down the Stone-Age Savagery of the Somali Pirates, Practically Justifies Murder Aboard the Quest

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The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper. The way the self-loathing dhimmis at the Times smear all things Western is so sickening and disheartening that they manage to put me in a permanent bad mood every day.

It is so sad to see the newspaper of record of a once great nation roll over and assume the dhimmi position:  facing away from Mecca, on knees, face to ground, posterior elevated to facilitate sodomization by the turd world rabble whose cause the Times increasingly fights indefatigably for.

The crypto-delusional reality fugitives at the Times are becoming more fanatical in their anti-Western scorn: they're going so overboard in their hysterical promotion of all things non-Western that it would be laughable if it weren't so deadly serious.

Take for instance the way the Times reports on the recent Somali pirates murders. In a front page article published today entitled "Role of F.B.I. Is Questioned in Pirate Case," the lying freaks in the skyscraper across from the 42nd Street bus terminal manage to put the stone-age unter-menschen from Somali on the same footing as the Navy commandos who stormed the hijacked sailboat (it's not a yacht you Times vermin) "Quest," only to find that the four Americans had already been murdered by Somali scum.

Now, in a sane civilization, the newspaper of record would have a natural and healthy contempt for something as loathsome and hateful as a Somali pirate. In the great hierarchy of things even a cockroach with AIDS is one step above a gibs muh dat Somali, and a thousand steps above a Somali pirate, but the New York Times feels the need in their quest (no pun) for infinite moral superiority to themselves be the Great Equalizer, and level all things out to achieve enlightened Oneness.

From the article:
"Somali pirate specialists say the pirates once had an informal code of conduct that required members treat one another well and not harm hostages, valuable commodities who draw ransom on average of about $4 Million. But while Somali pirates might once have been a tight-knit, disciplined group motivated by money, not murder, pirates and pirate experts say the lure of big money was attracting less-disciplined young Somalis hungry to share in the new riches." 
I see: Somalian piracy is a business like any other.

Like deluded high-school students hell bent on a global social justice campaign, the NYT in their self-appointed rôle as Great Equalizer presents the news with a decidedly anti-Western slant.

The NYT : Cheering on the Turd World since the Retreat of the West.

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Anonymous said...

What Code of conduct! they just pulled that out of their collective asses.
Somalia is just about the most retched country on that hellish continent.
Anything goes there including cannibalism. In some African countries SA for instance human flesh is readably avalible from the local markets. And they are informing us about that nobel savage and his code of conduct.