Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The One-World Wishful Thinkers at the NYT Make Their Eugenics Agenda Clearer and Clearer

The New York Times has a eugenics agenda for humanity, and if you are of a certain non-fashionable
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hue then chances are that you're not part of that plan.

As we know, the ubermenschen of moral superiority at Amerika's newspaper of record do more than suggest an agenda - they influence policy at the highest levels of decision-making, with consequences that ultimately effect every living being on the planet. Imagine having the power to influence who is born and who dies. 

The New York Times possesses that power, and yet they wield it with criminal irresponsibility, eroding with each elitist liberal lie a little more of the foundations of Western Civilization.

New York Times communist and diversity enforcer Susan Saulny - the light-skinned mulatto* who gave us the breathless eugenics manifesto ""Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Identify as All of the Above" a few short days ago - comes back kicking today with another gleeful population replacement piece entitled "In A Multiracial Nation, Many Ways to Tally" published of course on the front page.

In a clear indication that the NYT is going to milk the 2010 census data for all its worth,

"...statistics on ethnicity and race are used for many important purposes. These include assessing disparities in health, education, employment and housing, enforcing civil rights protections, and deciding who might qualify for special consideration as members of underrepresented minority groups."

And can you believe they got away with this: 

“They’re all lumped together — blacks, Asians and Latinos — and they all look the same from the data perspective,” said Daniel J. Losen, a policy expert for the Civil Rights Projectat the University of California, Los Angeles, referring to the Department of Education aggregation. “But the reality is much different. There are different kinds of discrimination experienced by these subgroups.”
“It’s a big problem for researchers,” Mr. Losen continued, “because it throws a monkey wrench in our efforts at accountability, student tracking and the study of trends.”

(*"The word ‘mulatto’ is derived from the Arabic muwallad, which originally referred to persons who were not ‘genuine’ Arabs, especially individuals born of black-white ‘misalliances’. With the beginning of the transatlantic African slave trade in the fifteenth century, the word mulatto first found its way into Portuguese, and then into almost all European languages, as the term for offspring of mixed European (Caucasian) and African (Negroid) parentage. (Only Afrikaans used the word ‘Bastard’ for such persons." Source: tiny.cc/zdnnx)

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